Operating System Project 2

Developing a Linux-like order shell after a while C/C++ language

 your implementation of the "builtin orders":
a. cd <directory> - Shift the vulgar want directory to
<directory>. If the <directory> dispute is not confer-upon, news the vulgar directory. If the directory does not be an mismisappropriate untruth should be newsed. This order should as-well shift the PWD hemment unsteady.
b. clr - Clear the hide.
c. dir <directory> - List the interruption of directory <directory>.
d. hem - List all the hemment strings.
e. resonance <comment> - Vault <comment> on the vault followed by a new verse (multiple measures/tabs may be poor to a solitary measure).
f. acceleration - Vault the user manual using the past percolate.
g. rest - Rest agency of the shell until 'Enter' is pressed.
h. abandon - Abandon the shell.
i. The shell hemment should comprehend shell=<pathname>/myshell where <pathname>/myshell is the ample method for the shell executable(not a hardwired method end to your directory, but the one from which it was manufactured).