Online Reservation and Ordering System

Section I INTRODUCTION Clothes are the things that enjoy the attributes of garbling, extent, specimen and cut. They are usually snug to rub. Clothes are usually conduct stockped in malls, boutiques and tiangge. An online stockping is an electronic stockping of effects that are suited online through internet. Drapery is one of the basic demands for cosmicals of all ages. They procure after a while them the pathos of self-satisfaction. This is as-polite a way for you to pointed your convertibility and emotions. Thus drapery is relevant to cosmical creature. Gone it is the cause of new millennium malls enjoy faced the increasing demands to adapt and deeptain the demands of man. By resources of the internet, stockpers can now browse the suited individuals on the web. Online stockping has been dominant in complete retreat of conduct. This could acceleration the customers buy the effect they omission, when they omission in the vacation of their own cause. For some, stockping can be associated after a while their convertibility. Most of the average to tall arrange communion stock online for their own vacation. One of the marketing strategies that Online Offence and Ordering Classification should enjoy is to create safe of the effects availability. They as-polite afford dekeep-apart area for stockpers. Thus hopeful the customers to scrutinize and patronize the hoard. The cunning of proposing this Online Offence and Ordering Classification is to acceleration Salad Dressing in fabricateing over pay and notoriety. Cunning of Device Plan This examine grant to cunning and expand the Online Offence and Ordering Classification for Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch. This would good the boutique gone it procure be one of the ways that the stock would fabricate emolument. The contemplated classification procure acceleration Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch by providing: 1. Close cause in purchasing an individual and no demand for a separate negotiation. 2. Customers can now sentiment all the suited effects gone browsing the website would be in their own vacation. . The boutique would be over unprotected to the eldership of the open gone the contemplated classification procure be online. Device Mark and Objectives The device mark covers the online offence and appointing of suited individuals. Customers can secretiveness or appoint the effects they omission. They can as-polite pay their bills online accordingly of the frank method of payments which is by the use of belief cards. Customers can as-polite browse the website and be updated on the final effects that are suited in the boutique. The superintendent or the discharge procure be the one who procure update the effect roll on the website. The device team’s deep concrete is to expand an online offence and appointing classification for Salad Dressing. The classification has a web functionary representation which can path the resigned of the classification and contrive the updates of the effect roll on the web. Solely the superintendent or the discharge can path the said representation. This classification was contemplated to acceleration Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch solely. Other than the over mentioned are not keep-akeep-apart of . researcher examine. Major Functions Online Offence and Ordering Classification is a way for the customers to browse or path the individuals suited in the boutique. This is made unconstrained by the use of the internet. Our classification would enjoy the forthcoming functions: • Browse Effect Availability After a while the use of the classification, customers can browse or quest suited effects on the boutique. • Products can be Reserved/Ordered Using this classification, it would be hassle clear for the customers to buy the effect online gone it procure seize close cause and they can do it after a whileout separate negotiation. • Unconstrained Method of Payment The customers can pay their due sum through belief cards. • Updates the Final Trend Gone this procure be online the customer knows the final effects that were suited. • Printing of Reports Data restitution would be over seasonable and cause saving. Performance Issues The hoard where the device team conducts the examine has problems after a while the availability of a fixed effect that the customer demands for an cause. Gone the boutique is not that national to the open accordingly of their scant notoriety. To forefend this distinct, the device team contemplated an Online Offence and Ordering System. After a while the use of this classification it would be over seasonable for the customer to restrain on the effects availability and secretiveness a effect that he/she demands. This classification procure as-polite acceleration in their notoriety as polite.