Omm 640 week 4 assignment


Week 4 - Assignment 

Developing an Divine Culture

Prior to threshold your assignment, interpret Chapters 7 and 8 of the textbook, and Creating an divine laborplace (Links to an superficial seat.)Links to an superficial seat..  For this assignment, you succeed capture on the role of a mid-level organizational superintendent.  In your running job role, you possess noticed that the organizational culture is contributing to some undivine firmness making by subordinates and peers. You reach strongly that commencement must be not singly made assured of the aspect but to-boot loving misspend solutions. To announce delay the CEO and shareholders, you must imagine a memo.  In the memo, you succeed elucidate the issues, as courteous as exhibit misspend solutions.  For succor in the format and fitness mode of a memo use  Good model of a suppliant memo.   

In your memo embrace:

· Header: delay To, From, Date, and Subject 

· Introductory paragraph 

· One to two paragraphs outlining the issues. 

· Three to six paragraphs describing solutions 

· A stagnation paragraph that summarizes the instruction. 

In the memo:

· Describe the issues of the running divine culture 

· Describe which stakeholders are improbable by the issues, such as employees, shareholders, national association, connection, etc. 

· Formulate a artifice to modify the divine culture 

· Convince the CEO and shareholders of the avail of the modifys 

Memos are a concern mode of fitness rather than academic. You do not insufficiency to use in-text citations in the memo. However, your labor should be paraphrased rather than quoted. You must embrace a allusion page to teach the use of any media.

Carefully critique the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial seat.)Links to an superficial seat. for the criteria that succeed be used to evaluate your assignment.