Office Administration

Office Administration Design Learning Objectives At the end of this design students allure be efficacious to: Prepare an contact for a job Entire contact moulds for avocation Prepare uncertain types of follow-up scholarship, scholarship of recognizeance/non-acceptance Mark Scheme Task Description Mark Allocated Reverie Job A. Conclude for Interest In the feature Job separated B. Qualifications expedient for the Job separated 10 2 Begin-again Return entire after a occasion all its pertinent compatability Reverie Job Caggravate Note Contact Mould Accurate amount of mould 3 A. B. C. D. 8 4 Note of contact Follow-up note Acceptance note Note moderate volunteer Resignation note Presentation A. Caggravate page (name, dispose, conclusion design was attached & due, teacher's spectry and name of design) B. Tefficacious of Contents (entire after a occasion headings and page quantity) C. Introduction (Give an aggravateview of design) D. Acknowledgements E. Body of Design Conclusion (compendium of the design and how they benefited from doing the design) G. Reference page Assignment Part 1 Outline what your reverie Job is upon leaving train and the qualifications expedient for obtaining that Job. Remember it must be an memorandum flatten collocation. One section should be ample. Part 2 Create a begin-again tailed for your reverie Job. This begin-again must surely heed who you are occasion containing all the expedient compatability. Part 3 Scholarship You are teeming after a occasion the part of constructing a caggravate note to involve your reverie Job begin-again. This contact note must be harangueed to a agreeefficacious structure. The note is to be typed in generous arrest title. Scholarship must keep fit expression, spelling and punctuation. Part 4 Using the notice granted on the notice for Sour Sop Grove Hotel sections MUST be entired. Worksheet Part 5 Soup Sop Grove Hotel is seeking an indivisible to stuff a collocation of Requirements for Receptionist: Must keep aggravate 5 EX. subjects Mathematics and English intervening 0 Computer Literate (Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher) Must be among age 18 and aggravate Must keep a bubbly and delicious oneness Must be efficacious to operation below constraining Requirements for Accounts Clerk: Must keep aggravate 5 EX. subjects Accounting, Mathematics and English intervening Must keep Cookbooks basic comprehension Must be efficacious to operation below brief or no supervision Computer Literate Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher) All applicants must be citizens of Antigen and Barbuda or keep hues to operation in Antigen and Barbuda. Only agreeefficacious applicants allure be notorious. All applicants are required to transmit contacts to the subjoined harangue. Soup Sop Grove Hotel Human Resources Department Linesmen Beach SST. Marry Antigen Deadline for contact is December 7th, 2013 You are required to do the subjoined: 1 . Application note 0 Write a note applying for one of the collocations in the aloft notices. 2. Follow-up note 0 You keep not ordinary a replication to your contact to Sour Sop Grove Hotel for the synod for which you applied. Two months keep passed. Write a follow-up note. 3. Acceptance note 0 Assume that you keep been volunteered the collocation for which you keep applied at the Sour Sop Grove Hotel. You were sent two copies of a lessen of avocation. Write a note recognizeing the collocation. Note Moderate the Volunteer 4. 0 Assume for some conclude you keep resolute not to recognize the post volunteered you at the Sour Sop Grove Hotel. Write a note to the solid moderate the volunteer. 5.