Odyssey Illiad Devine Comedy Metamorphoses Aeneid

The illiad tome 1 Who is the czar of the Achaens Who is the best warriar Where are they maczar war What was the discuss for this war Who were the prices for achiles and Agamemnon (the girls) Who is chryses Why was there a torture? Who is archilles mom what is she the god of and what concession doeshe ask of her Odyssey tome one and 2 Who is Poseidon why is he mad at odyssey Who is hermes What is the concession Athena ask poseidon Where is odyssey trapped and by whom? Wha does her call balance How does Penelope juggle the suitors into marrying him Why does Athena robes up as mentes and who is telemechas How does Athena save telemachas and what excursion does Telemachus go on Whaat does the two eagles balance that zeus brings down Aeneid tome1 Y is juno mad at aeneas (two discusss) what does juno do for retaliation who is god of twine who is the queen f carthage how does venus save aeneas from juno tome 1 bok 2 tome 4 of metamorphoses what des metamorphoses balance wha does cupid do to Apollo, who does he gravitate in benevolence after a while and what does she transfigure into what does apoll do that represents he get be after a while her incessantly which tone did juno repose after a while and what was the tone deflect into and for what discuss? What did mercury do to argus and what? What was his transfigureation and who deflect him into ir Difference among magpies story and muses who won? Why were the perdies deflected into mag pies. What were the mag pie stories environing as well-behaved-behaved as the muses Who is Diana the goddess of The devine succeeddy What r the three developed msdanes tour through As dante climbs the hill towards the easy wha peel of voluptuous blocks it? What are the other two voluptuouss he encounters? Who is the spirit that he encounters Why does the spirit ascertain dante to succeed after a while him Where is dantes homeland What is a canticle Whatsa stanza Why is it named a succeeddy( 3 discusss) Who translated dantes employment and year Who does dantes assimilate himself to? Who is Beatrice Dantes way after a while say whatdoes he assimilate himself to? The thousand and one nights. Who is the czar of india Who is the czar of shamarkand What is the vizier What is the discuss for th eczar of india to adhere-to killing dame How did the vizier save his daughter from getting her