Nutritional Intake Food Journal Blog


The  Nutritional Intake Foundation Chronicle Blog assignment is value a virtual sum acme of  100 points and tshort are two components: (1) Nutritional Foundation Intake Chronicle (50 points acme) and (2) Nutritional Intake Thought Blog post (50 points acme).  Both of these components conciliate be submitted when you post your Blog thought.

(1) Nutritional Food Intake Journal: All three days  must be consummated amid the Excel chronicle after a while all foundation, foundation stuffs and beverages documented after a while their relative nutrient structure.

NOTE: penetrate merely the reckon values; no units relish g (grams) are needed. The sums for each day conciliate auto investigate at the floor of the excel page.  Download and consummate the Foundation Intake Chronicle short ~~~>  Food Intake Journal_LABELYOURFILEWITHYOURNAME.xls  

(2)  Nutritional Intake Thought Blog post: a 200-250 term post discussing what you feel knowing environing your eating habits and how it has impacted what and how you eat and quaff and how this relates to the fundamental molecules of estate (Chapter 3 in the citation).