Nursing role and setting

Due duration today antecedently 5 PM For this assignment, you get discovery an tardy nursing custom role and incorporate your findings in a 3- to 5-page pamphlet (beside the style page and references): Focusing on the particular for which you were admitted to South University, excellent an tardy nursing role to discovery. (Adult progression Nurse Practitioner) 1. Distinguish the role as clinical or non-clinical and how it promotes unrepining outcomes, ie protection, access to soundness heed or soundness counsel not-absolute to the ANP level 2. Apply an Progression Nursing Custom Concept to your separated role 3. Develop a insufficiency of ten questions that you would enjoy to ask the progression custom clinician or non-clinician that you entertain separated to meeting.  Identify in the pamphlet the identical by delineationate, credentials, collocation and your calculated duration for the meeting (Interview is due Week 3) 4. Support your findings after a while at lowest two discovery profession (study, delineation, scantling and results must be discussed). Other comrade reviewed profession that are non-discovery and nursing structure websites may be used. All profession must be vulgar (not past than five years old, spontaneous it is a hallmark reference; ieAmerican Association of College of Nursing. (2010)). Format your pamphlet, citations, and references using redress APA Style.