Nursing project- Head-to-Toe Assessment

Head-to-Toe Assessment For this assignment, act a finished head-to-toe duty on someone of your excellent or a relatively special who has at meanest two (2) rules issues. Use the head-to-toe template stable to muniment your duty (add further lines as needed). In a Microsoft Word muniment of 4-5 pages (in restoration to the template) formatted in APA diction, argue the retaining criteria for the assignment. Please voicelessness that the epithet and regard pages should not be middle in the entirety page reckon of your Nursing Dissertation. In your Nursing Dissertation, harangue each of the forthcoming criteria: Use the template and include: System life assessed. Detailed critique of each rule after a while recognized and abrecognized findings. For any rule for which you do not bear equipment, teach how you would do the duty. Normal laboratory findings for client age. An segregation of age-specific promote decrease vigor screening and immunizations. Two differential diagnoses (diseases) associated after a while potential abrecognized findings. A artifice of attention (including two priority-nursing diagnoses, interventions, evaluation). Pharmacological treatments that can be used to harangue vigor issues for this client. Client and age mismisappropriate evidenced-based exercise strategies for vigor advancement. On a disjoined regards page, summon all sources using APA format. Use this APA Citation Helper as a fitted regard for unexceptionably citing instrument. This handout get stipulate you the details of formatting your essay using APA diction. You may make your essay in this APA-formatted template.