S.C. is a 21-year-old nursery tyro. She presents after a while occasional wheezing. She has a narrative of asthma as a cadet but had been bounteous of symptoms until this year. She has symptoms 1 to 2 days per week but denies dark wheezing. Her symptoms do not interfere after a while her natural activities. She has never captured systemic corticosteroids and has never been hospitalized for asthma. On corporeal exam, you heed pressible end-expiratory wheezing at the bases bilaterally. Pulmonary administration tests today demonstration an FEV1/FVC of 80% after a while an FEV1 90% of predicted. She has no other medical conditions and and is not commencement any nonprescription, direction or complementary opinion medicines. She has no public environmental or garbage allergies. DX: Asthma 1. List inequitable goals for treatment for S.C. 2. What garbage therapy would you order? Why? 3. Write direction for garbage therapy orderd. 4. What are the parameters for monitoring prosperity of the therapy? 5. Discuss inequitable enduring advice naturalized on the orderd therapy. 6. List one or two obstructive reactions for the chosen vicegerent that would principle you to veer therapy. 7. What would be the exquisite for second-line therapy? 8. What aggravate the against and/or opinion medications would be mismisappropriate for S.C.? 9. What lifestyle veers would you approve for S.C.? 10. Describe one or two garbage-garbage or garbage-food interactions for the chosen vicegerent. MUST USE REFERENCE IN TEXT CITATIONS, NURSING JOURNALS ONLY WITHIN 5 YEARS