NURS 6053 Week 7 Assignment

To prepare:

  • Review the Peer Evaluation Form for essential counsel on how this assignment is graded.
  • Identify a assembly facilitator.
  • Within your assembly, chosen a question applicable to interprofessional example and the sanity wariness ground on which to nucleus your assembly pamphlet. The subjoined are some implicit questions for your assembly to consider:
    • “Just” culture
    • When your assembly has chosened a question, the assembly facilitator allure propose the question to the Instructor for acclaim on the Discussion Board in the Week 5 Assembly Project Question Forum.
    • Conduct lore on your question using the Walden Library and other likely sources.
  • To complete:

    By Day 7 of Week 7

    As a assembly, transcribe a 3- to 5 (page sum does not embrace denomination and regard page) page pamphlet that embraces the subjoined:

    • Section 1: Introduction
    • Section 2: Significance of the question (established on attainment that speaks to the bearing of the concept chosened in conditions of interprofessional example)
    • Section 3: Review of the attainment connected to the concept that the assembly chosens (floating best practices, absolute or privative collision on example or sanity wariness organizations, etc.)
    • Section 4: Application to nursing (e.g., implications or consequences for nursing leaders)
    • Section 5: Conclusion