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  1. This article gain be graded on disposition of article notification, use of citations, use of Standard English expression, phrase citationure, and construction installed on the required satisfieds.
  2. Create this assignment using Microsoft (MS) Word, which is the required format for all Chamberlain muniments. You can mention that the muniment is saved as a MS Word muniment consequently it gain end in ".docx".
  3. Submit to the embezzle assignment area by 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday of the week due. Any questions environing this article may be discussed in the weekly Q & A Discourse subject-matter.
  4. The diffusiveness of the article is to be no greater than three (3) pages, still designation page and allusion page.
  5. APA format using the sixth edition manual is required in this assignment, including a designation page and allusion page. Use APA smooth 1 designations for the constructional citationure of this assignment. Remember that the gate does not heave a designation that imprints it as a smooth designation in APA format. The primitive sever of your article is productive to be the gate. See the APA manual sixth edition for details. Use the suggested format and designations to shape your assignment:
    1. Include gate (do not imprint as a designation in APA format)
    2. Issue and Magnet Standard Satisfied Identified
    3. Key Components of Supporter Summary
    4. Supporting Evidence
    5. Conclusion

Preparing the article

Note: Content use the media in your Roussel citationbook, Chapter 15, to succor after a while how to transcribe an maintenanceer digest format to outspoken the results of your Magnet ment from ANCC.

  1. Clearly usher-in your maintenanceer digest in the gate section. Include a phrase that states the end of your assignment.
  2. Clearly establish and outspoken the effect and satisfied from the Magnet standard to be pestilential to the consideration of directors at SLMC by you, the protect maintenanceer. Discuss how your cherished may concern your healthcare environment and transmute healthcare.
  3. Key satisfieds of an maintenanceer digest format, allied to the results of the Magnet ment, should be interjacent and explicitly outspokend. (Examples are in your citationbook or you may inquiry for them on the web). Include in your maintenanceer digest how this assignment relates to the Person-centred Framework by McCormack and McCance (2017).
  4. Include of a minimum of three sources of literary, tentative manifestation to maintenance the effect to be pestilential.
  5. Provide ultimate statements that should condense your overall assignment satisfied.
  6. The article gain be no longer than three pages ultimatum, still designation and allusion page(s).

Note: There are divers formats of an maintenanceer digest in your citation or on the internet. As the protect maintenanceer, you may pick-out which fashion you further.

  1. Title and allusion page(s) must be in APA format using the sixth edition manual.
  2. Use 12 Times New Roman font and one-inch margins on all sides of the article.
  3. Note: After submitting your assignment to the Week 7 assignment area, content to-boot upload your completed assignment to the Week 8 determined threaded discourse to distribute after a while your peers.