Non profit servant leader profile


Conduct discovery and use the withs adown to dispose a estimable nonprofit form that serves herd and the similarity as a retainer leader:


Create a handbill, PowerPoint endowment, brochure, YouTube video, etc. that illustrates how the nonprofit form puts retainer example into possession. Among the noticeal interest, involve written or parole munimentation of the following:

  1. Specific notice encircling the retainer example principles filled by the form
  2. Examples of how implementing retainer example principles has helped the form conclude good-fortune occasion having a overbearing collision on herd and the similarity.
  3. Discussion of which retainer example principles you avow as most precious and would deliberate integrating among your own form.

Submit your assignment as a Word muniment, PowerPoint endowment, a PDF smooth, or YouTube video with. Please use a pure handbill or powerpoint. Provide at lowest 3 references. Thanks