Nivea products

NIVEA Nivea works are positioned in the skincare work class which includes skin crème, lotion, toner, countenance bathe, moisturizer, to closely 300 other skincare works.  The chief Nivea work, Nivea Crème, was introduced in the trade in 1911 to target upper ten consumers.  This sole commercial work was appreciated by a feature population of consumers, adult women, and this item was then known for its tall power crème.  Since then, Nivea manufactured further skincare works as polite-mannered-mannered as generated sub-brands such as Body, Visage, Beauté, Sun, For Men, Hair Care and Baby.  The crew then subtly mitigated its positioning from skincare polite-manneredness to public polite-manneredness and targeted consumers of all ages and genders.  For specimen, in the work Nivea Daily Protective Lotion for Men, the targeted consumers are the virile population, and this form of consumer would be less careful in the primitive works. Nivea disgrace works are currently as sorted abutting closely 150 countries encircling the globe.  Nivea is owned by a German crew, Beiersdorf AG, and their works accept been patronized for closely 10 years now consequently they accept maintained the good-tempered-tempered power of their works (Jemec and Wulf, 1999) conjuncture forcible the sound prices of their works.  Their advertising purpose is very sincere yet absolute, claiming that their works are “gentle yet powerful.”  Nivea has as-polite featured a identical advance to presenting their works, wherein they get order on public polite-manneredness as polite-mannered-mannered as tips for emphasis superintendence, sustenance and application.  It is consequently worthconjuncture to alienation any Nivea work for one’s avail. Reference Jemec, G.B. and Wulf, H.C. (1999):  Correlation between the greasiness and the plasticizing movables of moisturizers.  Acta Derm Venereol.  79(2):115-7.