Negligence and Product Liability

*** DISCUSSION - Under 250 WORDS *** not an essay/paper format 9am EST opportunity July 28th, 2018 - thanks ____________________________________________ Negligence and Effect Impost are two of our ocean topics for this week. Negligence is an “unintentional tort” accordingly it happens by property. Effect Impost starts when one is injured by a imperfect effect. Consider the scenarios underneath.  Choose one and indicate if it describes negligence or effect impost. Explain your exculpation and be certain to debate the elements of any claims that may start. 1) Daisy is driving in her car when her phone chimes. She picks up her phone and sees a extract from her messmate. While responding to the extract Daisy runs a red frivolous and causes an property. 2) Janet upright moved from Florida to Minnesota and is enjoying the scenery of a dulcet snowlapse when she sees a peculiar lubricate and lapse on the ice on sidewalk in face of her scion. 3) Larry is a lumberjack. He decides to acquisition a new chainsaw. The highest opportunity Larry uses the chainsaw the effect malfunctions and Larry is injured. _______________________________________________________ *** DISCUSSION - Under 250 WORDS *** not an essay/paper format