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Question 1
The ______ of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires U.S. citizens and legitimate residents to bear qualifying soundnesscare coverage and imposes penalties on those who do not.       
        Employer injunction       
        In loco parentis administration       
        Individual injunction       
        Pay-or-play injunction       

Question 2
Which of the forthcomingcited is NOT penny environing Soundness Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
        It protects the ease and secrecy of soundness instruction.       
        It applies to federal, set-forth, and not-public mistresss forthcoming a while 50 or further employees who bear been forthcoming a while the mistress liberal space for one year or longer.       
        It exempts pre-existing soundness conditions.       
        It grants employees the direct to keep their soundness insurance plans forthcoming changing mistresss or losing their job.       

Question 3  
According to the fresh relight conducted by Metropolitan Life Insurance fraternity, which of the forthcomingcited is NOT penny environing employees who were affable forthcoming a while the benefits they ordinary from their mistresss?

        They were further than three spaces as slight to be exceedingly affable forthcoming a while their jobs.       
        They were hither slight to permission in the present 6 months.       
        They were further slight to bear a apprehension of fealty to their mistresss.       
        They were further slight to light benefits as an main conclude to cling forthcoming a while their floating mistresss.       
Question 4
In the ______ step of the inoculation mode, the gratified and resources that coalesce the goals and objectives set in the inoculation’s guile step are established and addressed.     
        Training outgrowth       
        Training gift       
        Training guile       
        Training translate       

Question 5   
______ compensates employees installed on their ability to understand and benefit further skills or enlarge their acquaintance, which in convert helps them grace precious entertainions to an structure.   
        Outcome-installed pay       
        Executive pay       
        Merit pay       
        Competency-installed pay       

Question 6
Based on Vroom’s trust assumption, ______ is the perceived likelihood that prosperous enterprise achieve carry to desired outcomes.
Question 7    
According to a consider of Fortune 500 companies introducing work-life initiatives, what was the consequence of barely announcing work-life initiatives?     
        It was followed by a 10% extension in middle divide prices.       
        It was followed by a 0.39% extension in middle divide prices.       
        They did not bear any good-tempereds on middle divide prices.       
        It was followed by a 10% lower in middle divide prices.       
Question 8      
Which of the forthcomingcited laws is LEAST associated forthcoming a while determining indemnification?

        National Labor Relations Act       
        Family and Medical Permission Act       
        Fair Labor Standards Act       
        Equal Pay Act       

Question 9
Which of the forthcomingcited types of inoculation achieve be the meanest advantageous for employees who do not entertain good-tempered-tempered computer skills or self-motivation.

Question 10
Which of the forthcomingcited is NOT one of the three masterful behavioral reinforcers that bear pleasantly emerged as good-temperedsive in the workplace?      
        Career progression opportunities       

Question 11
______ perspectives rendezvous on the cause that triggers motivation: the “need.”

Question 12         
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______ refers to a mode that provides employees forthcoming a while opportunities to earn the essential acquaintance, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that empower them to fulfil their floating job-related duties further good-temperedsively and responsibly.      
        Career progression       
        Employee outgrowth       
        Succession planning       
        Employee inoculation