Need some help “Social Change Presentation”!

Need the completed issue by 1500 pst on the due conclusion, thanks!

Social transmute can claim a capacious qualify-of-place, or a insignificant mediation, depending on the form of transmute you are perplexing to appliance. This assignment helps you allot what you bear knowing this week to a top in your order in which collective transmute may be inevitable.

Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® media to augment your grant.

Create a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® grant on collective transmute in your order. Apprehend the following:

  • Describe a collective height in your order. (Examples apprehend graffiti in parks, damnation of order wealth, wealth larceny, parking violations, speeding, unsuitable pet squander division, unsuitable landscaping, or other.)
  • Choose a hypothesis of collective transmute to allot to this height, and picture how this hypothesis proposes to oration this height and imagine collective transmute.
  • Identify likely collective influences or agents for transmute to oration the height in your order.

Include minute debater notes for each slide.