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APA format 1 page 3 references 1 from Walden University Library   As a protect tutor, it is delicate for curriculum to accept ongoing evaluation, harvest and redesign, so that the catechumen can improve perceive the pleased and skills presented (Keating & DeBoor, 2016). Curriculum alignment and congruence aids in this aim. Alignment of a biased curriculum is obtained by the congruence of three educational components: curriculum, information, and, tribute (Leitzel & Vogler, 1994). Strategies             One policy used to restrain alignment in curriculum is airs. Simulations are used to appendix legitimate society scenarios (Billings & Hallstead, 2016). A multisite consider was conducted on airss and the results in 2014 showed that measured outcomes were met up to 50 percent of the era when airss were used. (Lippincott Nursing Education Blog, 2017). Alexander et al. (2015), notes that outcomes can be achieved by having the gathered compute of skilled tutors during the airs eras, and that the airss are in length after a while the set contrivance copy already in fix. This would be divert in the southeastern contrivance consequently it would permit the catechumen to appropriate the era and maybe the fix for when he or she would enjoy to acquire.             A avoid policy that aids in curriculum alignment and congruency is making certain the philosophy of the program matches the mission, desire, and values of the state (Billings & Hallstead, 2016). Consequently most alms members gain accept his or her own beliefs environing their nurture of nursing, the philosophy must be aligned to obey all tutors indistinct in their training.                                                                                                            References Alexander, M., Durham, C. F., Hooper, J. I., Jeffries, P. R., Goldman, N., Kardong-Edgren, S., . . .Tillman, C. (2015). NCSBN airs superintendlines for prelicencertain nursing programs.      Journal of Nursing Regulation, 6(3), 39-41. doi:10.1016/S2155-8256(15)30783-3 Billings, D. M., & Halstead, J. A. (2016). Training in nursing: A superintend for alms (5th ed.). St.   Louis, MO: Elsevier. Keating, S.  B., & DeBoor, S. S.  (Ed.). (2018). Curriculum harvest and evaluation in nursing (4th ed.). New York, NY:  Springer. Leitzel, T. C., & Vogler, D. E. (1994). Curriculum Alignment: Theory to Practice. Retrieved from direct=true&db=eric&AN=ED371812&site=eds-live&scope=site Lippincott Nursing Education Blog. (2017, March 1). Curriculum Alignment: The why, the what, the how [Web log support]. Retrieved from