Need PP presentation


In this Assignment, you conquer do some elimination respecting a issue or use or an environmental commencement. Then, you conquer compose an primordial exhibition aftercited the instructions underneath.


1) Prepare a PowerPoint exhibition delay audio no fewer than 12 and no over than 15 slides delay logician notes, and 3–4 bulleted points per slide, summarizing either:

An progress to an existing issue or use you feel envisioned in the role of a issue specialist at a sodality. You conquer confer-upon to the maker sodality’s marketing and sales individuality overseer that produces the issue or use. 


An environmental commencement you would affect to offer to your topical town synod for compensation. It can sympathy air disposition, throw-away recycling, instil disposition, evanescence of embankments or lake areas to hinder floods, etc. 

2) Make safe that your narrative audio explication is absolved and pointed, such that the listener has suited knowledge to initially promote your offer. 

3) Record the audio participation confer-uponing your PowerPoint and conceive logician notes underneath each slide in the notes individuality. Make safe your audio participation is not just a balbutiation of the slide bulleted points. 

4) Submit your last audio-visual exhibition to the Assignment Dropbox once you feel checked your exhibition for punish spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation.