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 5. Case Study #13: Overterm Pay   (The Fair Labor Standards Act)

You are a $15 per hour, non-exempt, canonical employee of the ABC Company. Your advantage hours are from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, nevertheless, gone your mate must emanate you off on his way to production each dawning, you normally enter at 7.30 AM. By arriving future, you entertain the accident to get the coffeepot going for your correlative employees, disclosed the dawning mail, and inhibit the dozens of e-mails your boss assent-tos antecedently the productionday begins. In this half-hour, you are efficacious to response encircling 15% of all the mail that has been ordinary – naturally, you do this in your boss’s call, and after a while her open approval. She has left it to you to determine which items of congeniality scarcity her indivisible observation.

The ABC Sodality is very supportive of the topical homogeneity, and sponsors in-sodality production programs for proud initiate juniors and seniors, not reasonable during the summer, but too throughout the initiate year. Your boss knows how greatly you possess productioning after a while early mass and has loving you frequented function for their frequentedion and luxuriance. Currently, you entertain three teenagers productioning below you, and you entertain had as divers as five in the departed. Because you entertain so divers other duties to involve to during the day, the solely term you entertain to get your mean collection of mass coincidently to indoctrinate them encircling the advantage equipment and advantage procedures is during your lunch hour. Normally, your lunch hour would be from noon to 1.00 PM, but you direct to grasp a bite from the vending means at noon, and begin indoctrinateing your kids from 12.15 to 1.00 PM.

Since you halt on your mate for a ride abode, you lean environing the advantage until 6.00 PM each day. Rather than reasonable sit there, uncertainty, you occupied yourself after a while finishing up daily projects and cleaning up any filing that may rest. Sometimes your boss productions tardy after a while you, but not frequently.

In adduction to your hourly wage, the sodality pays a eldership boon of $40 per week to employees, such as yourself, who entertain aggravate ten years’ advantage after a while the sodality. You are too choice to assent-to a exceptional customer advantage boon from your director for uncollected handling of customer problems. This $100 distribute may be loving by the director on those occasions a customer specifically complements a point personal.

Question (Choose the best response)

What should your weekly animal rights be?

  1. $600.00 – You are not entitled to aggravateterm as you are functioning as an irresponsible employee.
  2. $656.25 - You are entitled to 2.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  3. $700.00 - You are entitled to the eldership boon and 2.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  4. $740.00 – You are entitled to the eldership boon and customer advantage distribute.
  5. $768.75 – You are entitled to 7.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  6. $820.00 – You are entitled to the eldership boon and 7.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  7. $881.25 – You are entitled to 12.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  8. $926.00 – You are entitled to the eldership boon and 12.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  9. $940.00 – You are entitled to the eldership boon and 12.5 hours of aggravatetime.
  10. $1,040.00 – You are entitled to the eldership boon, the customer advantage distribute and 12.5 hours of aggravatetime