Need help with my essay (need to be done in 8 hours)


Need succor finishing the tranquillity of my essay. It also wants to be all corrected. Fix up diction, spelling, punctuation and execute assured decrees issue and execute signification. If some counsel is numerous or obstructive it can be delete. 

Topic decrees are excellentlighted in yellow but if it doesn’t fit truly after a while the condition, it can be progressive to a reform question decree.

I want at lowest one past condition and quittance assumed so I’ve fast some narrative declaration I’ve used throughout the essay. However, if you perceive reform Peer reviewed narrative declaration (betwixt 2009-2018) they can be used, they upright want to be allusiond.

Harvard diction is used and I’ve fast a pilot.

The preliminary and two other conditions want to be edited. 

I want at lowest 6 narrative declaration used (which I moderately abundant feel, they upright want to be used) and one citation tome allusion. I feel assumed a citation tome allusion so you don’t want to plague environing that. However past declaration can be assumed. 

Plagiarism cohibit wants to be very low and well-mannered-mannered below 10%. The sound essay wants to be paraphrased and in your own vote. NO trodden quotes.

Word expression has to be 1500 vote.

I fast a rubric as a pilot and the essay format. I Would relish to get betwixt difference or excellent difference.