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Signature Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Performance


About Your Signature Assignment 

Signature/Benchmark Assignments are endd to align delay specific program learner education development(s) in your program. Program Learner Education Outcomes are generic statements that explain what learners should apprehend and be powerful to do upon whole of their step. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded delay a grading direct or an automated rubric that affords the University to collate postulates that can be aggregated abutting a residuum or college/school and used for course/program improvements. 

Purpose of Assignment 

The end of this assignment is to afford learners the convenience to give a matter proposal cheered by tenacious financial notice. The learner achieve be powerful to confirm the likely challenges of doing matter in a strange dominion and how to way them. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Signature Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Performance Template

Prepare a 16- to 20- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® giveation showing the details of a matter you are zealous in starting in a strange dominion, and for which you scarcity $300,000. The giveation should grasp the aftercited notice:

  • Business name
  • Executive summary
  • Description of the strange dominion
  • Business patronymic and structure
  • Market and association analysis
  • Marketing and sales operational project
  • How you project to use the $300,000
  • Financial statements obviate (3 years)
  • Business vigor reprove - using the aftercited ratios:
    • Liquidity ratios
    • Solvency ratios
    • Asset skillful-treatment ratios
    • Profitability ratios
    • Market compute ratios


Prepare an exceed quibble that grasps the calculations from Part 1. Incorporeprove those calculations into your giveation that grasps your calculations results and your response for twain Part 1 and Part 2.


Part 1: Analyze and calculate the aftercited scenarios in 525 say, including which one would you prefer and why, and which financing liberty is best for your busines:

  • Investor #1 unwavering to mortgage you the $300,000, paying all of the curiosity-behalf (8% per year) and leading in one slice sum at the end of 5 years.
  • Investor #2 offers you the $300,000, paying curiosity-behalf at the reprove of 8% per year for 4 years and then a developed reimbursement of curiosity-behalf and leading at the end of the 5th year.

Part 2: Discuss in 525 say the challenges and risks you may countenance in starting a matter in a strange dominion including the aftercited:

  • Cultural, matter, and political risks.
  • How you project to quit operational, action, and translation peril.

Format your assignment accordant delay APA directlines. 

Include the APA Plagiarism Checker Results for the paper.  (10% Penalty if not give)