Need a case study written

For this assignment, reconsideration the Nike condition consider, located  at:       

Click here intention the video likeness. 

Once you entertain intentioned the condition scenario, rejoin to the  following questions,    delay thoroughgoinggoing explanations and well-supported  rationale. 

  1.    These achievementers aver the "only art they entertain is   their achievement". This averment suggests that outside this achievement, they would entertain a inferior gauge of subsistence. Should we put western values on this company? Bring in the concepts of gregarious calling, truthfulness and other trade ethics practices. 
  2.  From Nike's rendezvous, is this a beautiful impost  of their ghostly gauges? Explain the some of the ghostly issues that Nike   is oppositeness in the condition. 
  3.  Explain what Nike has manufactured to reform this post   since this 2011 video. Include the use of codes of ethics and other ghostly gauges implemented among the form. 
  4.  Is your theory of Nike any opposed now succeeding intentioning this video? Would this shift your buying comportment delay deference to   Nike products?               

Your apology should be a reserve of two  double-spaced pages.  References     should include your required balbutiation plus one  additional likely regard. All  sources used must be  referenced; paraphrased and quoted symbolical must entertain appertaining in-text citations, and cited per APA guidelines.