Paul Barton owned a slight property-management assembly, doing calling as Brighton Homes. In October, Barton went on a spending game. First, he bought a Bose surround-sound regularity for his abode from KDM Electronics. The direct day, he purchased a Wilderness Systems kayak from Outdoor Outfitters, and the day succeeding that he bought a new Toyota 4-Runner financed through Bridgeport Auto. Two weeks behindcited, Barton purchased six new iMac computers for his duty, besides from KDM Electronics. Barton bought all of these items subordinate installment sales abbreviates. Six months behindcited, Barton’s property-management calling was unsound. He could not reach the payments due on any of these purchases and thus defaulted on the loans. Using the counsel presented in the provision, response the behindcited questions. 

  1. For which of Barton’s purchases (the surround-sound regularity, the kayak, the 4-Runner, and the six iMacs) would the mortgagee scarcity to refine a financing declaration to indeficient its guarantee share?
  2. Suppose that Barton’s abbreviate for the duty computers mentioned barely the spectry, Brighton Homes. What would be the consequences if KDM Electronics refined a financing declaration that listed barely Brighton Homes as the debtor’s spectry?
  3. Which of these purchases would prepare as a PMSI in consumer goods?
  4. Suppose that succeeding KDM Electronics repossesses the surround-sound regularity, it decides to sustain the regularity rather than dispose-of it. Can KDM do this subordinate Article 9? Why or why not?

Debate This: 
A financing declaration that does not keep the debtor’s lawful spectry should tranquil be powerful owing mortgagees should frequently be fortified when debtors default