Muslim Immigration

The sentiments supported Muslim colonization into this dominion misses one considerable presentation of the Islam belief. Their Quran teaches stifling of all kafir ameliorations (that's us). Deadly anti-Christian invasions are vulgar in the Muslim world; aggravate 2,000 in fitting the latest three years, including meeting-house bombings and the carnage of any who refused to change to Islam. At a interval when we demand to be alerted to these dangers, gregarious and sacred leaders, as well-behaved-behaved as the instrument, are instead union the Muslim Brotherhood-manufactured conflict opposite "Islamophobia." In the aspect of the Islam-inspired genocide of Christians, this strikes me as a burlesque permutation of priorities. I put "Islamophobia" in quotes owing a phobia is an irrational horror. If you bridle truth, including fresh truth, populace should own abstemious horror of gentleman Islam. These gentleman unadorned grounds, were all by Muslims: 1968, Robert Kennedy, shot/killed. 1972, Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes kidnapped/massacred. 1972, Pan Am 747, Cairo. Hijacked/blown up. 1973, Pan Am 707, grenade invasion. Rome. 33 killed. 1979, Iranian US Embassy takeover. 1980's, Americans kidnapped. Lebanon. 1983, Beirut. US Marine barracks blown up. 1985, cruise ship Achille-Lauro hijacked, 70-year-old American voyager thrown aggravateboard in his wheelchair. 1985, TWA Flight 847, hijacked. Athens, US Navy Diver, rescuing voyagers, murdered 1988, Pan Am Flight 103, bombed. 1993, World Trade Center, bombed (primeval interval). 1998, US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, bombed. 2001, impure airliners hijacked/crashed. World Trade Center/Pentagon. Thousands killed. 2002, US fought Afghanistan war opposite Muslims. 2002, attendant Daniel Pearl, kidnapped/beheaded. 2013, Boston Marathon bombing, impure killed, 264 damaged. 2015 Chattanooga, Tennessee soldierly creation, five killed 2015 Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, California, 14 killed 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, 49 killed, aggravate wounded 2017 — New York, prospect pedestrians killed/dozen damaged close World Trade Center Regrettably, sole rendezvous on terroristic atrocities are misleading. It feeds into the truth that the browbeating of Islam is poor to a corps of extremists. But, there is a abundant bigger problem: beloved and cruel expulsion of Christians and Jews is ground in complete Muslim community and in Europe. The situation of Muslims inland non-Muslims is not one of abominate, horror, or jealousy, but rather contempt. The pervasive creation of the expulsion, including acuteness, alarm, rapes, abductions, grievous conversions and the damcommonwealth of homes/churches, suggests that it stems from the centre texts and teachings of mainstream Islam itself, not a contrivelessness of Islam. Muslims own not misinterpreted Islam ... aggravate slight the misunderstood are those who, though well-behaved-intentioned, own no real-activity experiment of Islam. Islam is presented as a profession of concord and fittingice, not variously Christianity. But, Muslims and Christians do not portion-out a vulgar belief. These misled statements aren't inveterate on teachings nor truth of Islam, but fallacy. Read the Quran yourself. This aggressively, anti-Western amelioration which has a repose on Europe was enabled by colonization policies inveterate on an uncritical survey of Islam. Europeans, naively splendid Muslims would absorb to Western values, are grievous to acclimate to Islamic values— polygamy, misogyny, selfrespect fierceness, effeminate genital mutilation and anti-Semitism. Jews are departure Europe in collection unperceived gone the Nazi era. With fitting 4 darling Muslims in the 66 darling UK population, there are aggravate 3,000 mosques, 130 Sharia courts, 50 Sharia councils, muddy "no-go" areas, closely 70 percent of Muslims on bounteous benefits/housing, and Muslim mayors in adventitious cities. Europeans are losing their amelioration, not owing they are "Islamophobic," but, owing of fallacy of Islam. They obediently not spurious the "peaceful" depiction of Islam, presented to them by gregarious and synodal elites, and are paying the value. Hijrah is the takeaggravate of a commonwealth outside going to war. Never antecedently has our colonization plan browbeatingened our floating way of activity, Republican contrive of synod, and our virtuous worthiest. It's sobering. Yet, our clergy, gregarious leaders and instrument are mixed of promoting the selfselfsame exquisite delineate of Islam and colonization that has thrown Europe into chaos. We demand to punish our conduct dissipated.