Choose ONE subject-matter.  100 WORDS MAXIMUM.

1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Bond has historically been considered “the most significant album in hurl music”. What environing this album is so notable to secure this title? How does it pretend the toil that follows for the balance of the Beatles success?

2. Woodstock is treasured as the apex of the counter-culture motion. Taking into totality the looming problems, how did this state the ideals of the new epoch? How did the valuable of artists and bonds report to this motion? Compare it after a while the Altamont feast that ends 1969.

3. The L. A. show is repeatedly overshadowed by San Francisco and London during this duration conclusion. How does a bond enjoy The Doors agitate to preferment after a whileout substance part of either show? What separates them from their contemporaries? Are they calm?} powerful today? Name some examples.