Museum jewelry case study target profit assignment

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Museum Jewelry Case Study

(Case by Les Livingstone, copied delay leave)

Jane Goodheart recognized and ran a insignificant workshop that false uniform jewelry amazing of well-behaved-known jewelry masterpieces by Faberge and other glorious designers, plus ancient pieces of Etruscan, Russian, Egyptian, Chinese and French jewelry. She marketed these creations to museums opposite the United States in framees of 12 disjoinedd parts, for which she teeming $680 per frame. In revolve, the museums sold the jewelry at charges averaging nine spaces what they remunerated for the jewelry.

Jane's barely ally was Joe, who was remunerated $15 per hour for his vigorous drudge. Jewelry evolution various between a low of 4 and a violent of 6 framees per week, and meand 200 framees per year. Each frame require $80 (beside stipend) to throng and ship, delay Joe doing all the thronging and shipping. It takes Joe 2 hours to throng and ship one frame. Joe to-boot does other chores, such as sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning, and he means 20 hours per week of usurpation delay Jane's workshop, for the 40 weeks per year that he works for Jane (delay his space rend between thronging and shipping of framees and doing weekly cleaning, etc.)

Jane spends 10 weeks a year triping the U.S. and synchronous employment appearances in adjust to dispose-of her jewelry, and to confront suppliers of semi-precious stones, beads, and other components for her products. Her peregrination, tavern and living requires were $6,050 each year. Workshop divulsion and utilities require her an mean of $300 per week.

Jane works 40 weeks a year at making jewelry, and sublets the workshop for its require in divulsion and utilities during her 10-week trip plus her 2 weeks of recreation each year.

The require of divulsion, utilities and raw embodieds various from $2,300 per week when 4 framees were unnatural, to $2,800 per week in weeks when 5 framees were unnatural, and $3,300 per week when 6 framees per week were false.

Business was keen, and Jane could largely dispose-of entire frame that she unnatural. But she establish herself earning very unimportant money, and following paying her 28% allowance tax, she establish herself delay closely no money to speed on. That led Jane to you, as her consultant. She complained to you that she worked very flinty, 50 weeks a year, but ended up broke and frustrated. Jane said that her tastes were polite, and emphasized proficientry rather than embodied property. She renowned that she would be totally amiable to bring-about $25,000 a year, following taxes.


You agreed to irritate her duty operations and to instruct her how to obtain her polite view of earning $25,000 per year, following taxes.

After some computation and some rationalistic, you close that Jane has to extension her allowances, possibly by achieving senior book, or possibly by prominence her dispose-ofing charge.  Write a imperfect repute directed to Jane Goodheart delay your admonition on how to extension allowance, cherished delay a pro-forma gift allowance assertion which incorporates your admonitions. You should appearance all computations in a Microsoft Excel instrument, comprise a Cost-Volume-Profit chart that is well-behaved-behaved labeled,  and cater your blank.  (The repute to Ms. Goodheart can be written in a Textbox (Textboxes automatically involve quotation) in a disjoined worksheet in the corresponding Excel instrument. The repute should be expend for your client, Jane, Goodheart, the proficient and sole tenant.

Submit one instrument  that contains your computations, CVP graph, and the repute.  Be secure to proofread.  


1. Appearance all your computations.

2. Use Excel in adjust to achieve part 1 overhead.

3. Describe and clear each boldness you enjoy made,

4. Explain, patronage and clear entire assertion you bring-about.

5. Patronage your blanks delay attraction (such as axioms and statistics from trustworthy sources, quotes from the readings, or a well-behaved-reasoned close evidence).  Examples from your own habit are to-boot advantageous.

Please endure in sentiment that analyses and blanks are barely as good-natured-natured as the axioms and boldnesss that they are inveterate on;

So ALWAYS patronage all of your quantity or computations delay rationalistic and explanations, and be secure to cater sources for all of your axioms.