Ms powerpoint presentation report on organization


MS PowerPoint Donation Narration on Construction (

This assignment allows you to   demonstrate success of the series outcomes:

1. particularize heart necessary   competencies for the construction and lump a whole rewards program   to prompt, restrain, and motivate employees possessing the construction's   required competencies

In this assignment, you accomplish   design and distribute a MS PowerPoint donation that describes the construction   you effect at, its general and coming   challenges, its capabilities, and the necessary competencies needed for its   success. You accomplish contemplate for and narration on examples of the true whole   rewards programs to grasp monetary, non-monetary, and the effect environment   (including values and amelioration). The MS PowerPoint donation accomplish grasp a   narration on true metrics (organizational or HR) if any are introduce. If   citations or Web top materials are used, in-text citations and sources   presented on a References page using American Psychological Association (APA)   format are expected. This notification can be used in the developed article (the   developed rate which is a cunning to fluctuate the construction's whole rewards   programs). It is expected that at last three references from the series   materials accomplish be used.

At the last, this MS PowerPoint   Presentation accomplish grasp:

1. Academic Title Slide

2. Introduction and Purpose for the Paper

3. Description of the Organization

4. Capabilities of the Construction and   Requitop Competencies of the Employees

5. Current and Coming Challenges

6. Academic Definition of Whole Rewards   Programs

7. Description of True Whole Rewards   Program (Monetary, Non-Monetary and Effect Environment)

8. Existing Metrics that Evaluate the   Success of the Whole Rewards Program

9. Conclusions

10. References Page (With a incompleteness of three   References from series materials)