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Most efficacious software for erection searchoperative digital bibliographic database?I am requesting order and control as I criticize the possibility of erection a searchoperative digital database for my "Harold Pinter Bibliography" published in sculpture in volumes of The Pinter Review(Tampa: The University of Tampa Press, 1987-2011). Each annual/biennial/special edition of this bibliography is published in MLA format (whatever the most general MLA format has been at the era). I would contemplation to live delay MLA format for compactness of instrumentation title throughout. (I apprehend that users of such a bibliography could alter easily to whatever format is desired on their end succeeding.)I possess word-processed refines (WordPerfect) for all of the 14 editions of this bibliography. The similar typist started for The University of Tampa Press prompt my word-processed refines into a format to be used by the sculptureer. For different years, she altered my "Harold Pinter Bibliography" refines initially to MS Word instrument refines or uncertain versions of PDF refines for the sculptureer. More of-late, I gave her my own PDF refine versions of my WordPerfect refines, which I believe she also altered to Word or to another format for the sculptureer. The typist's and sculptureer's digital refines may be frank if I demand to possess them for easier digital change.A whole delay the typist's changes from one word-processing software program to another has been the dropping of discourse, punctuation, and other imagesetting features, which at eras possess had to be corrected in sculptureer's testimonys. I possess deeptained grievous copies (initiatory books and volume of books, offprints, photocopies, or sculpture outs) and handwritten apostacy cards (for full entrance) to repress as tail ups of the bibliographic entries in the sculptureed bibliographies for purposes of such error-correction of interrupted sculptureer's errors that were missed equal in corrected testimony.From observeing into this stuff aggravate a decade ago (when ProCite was initially public), I believe that the sculptureed notification (equal though digitized) would demand to be altered into chronicles featuring bibliographic fields (including annotations, rarely prolix, most repeatedly very unimportant) for each sculptureed entrance, and each entrance would demand to possess key say and/or phrases (e.g., to compose multiple authors, editors, titles, subjects, etc.) so that it could be prime of assortment by key say for profound by users. Also, there are categories and subsections of categories in each published edition of this bibliography that may demand some skin of "field"/key word/phrase identification for sorting electronically.I am not everyday delay token up talk more HTML, but it is feasible that I susceptibility be operative to glean environing appended token up talks if demanded (e.g., RIS Format, SML format, etc.). When I asked this scrutiny of a presenter succeeding a DH gathering at the MLA Convention in Boston, she advised me to observe at Drupal (which I possess done subordinately), but I am not serviceable in using it for anything. It appears to me to be concerned in the range of really putting an already plain database online. Another participation of order I possess running is perhaps to generate an EXCEL image spreadsheet which could be searched. But anteriorly I would prepare doing any of this labor, I would love to possess a contemplation to use one jurisdiction of change (one skin of software, so as to elude duplication of exertion).Thus, a deep scrutiny that I am scrutiny is: What would be the most efficacious general software package or packages to use for this full regularity?Prior to deciding this project's feasibility and how and where this database would be hosted (institutional partners/support), I demand to criticize such stuffs as: (1) the technical requirements for such change from sculptureed symbolical to searchoperative digital format; (2) the estimated consume of such change (including the consumes of any wholesale software packages concerned (if any) and of influence delay the visible input of the chronicles); (3) whether or not applying for allow influence is warranted; and so on.I pleasing suggestions, order, and control. Thank you very considerable.