Module 1

  Suzy's Soups is in the way of preparing a product absorb budget for the hence month. Actual absorbs at the end of the prevalent month were: Production: 25,000 Jars of soup Ingredient absorb (variable): $20,000 Labor absorb (variable): 12,000 Depreciation (fixed): 6,000 Other (fixed): 1,000 Total: $39,000 REQUIRED Using this advice, arrange a budget for the hence month. Assume that product achieve growth to 30,000 jars of soup, cogitation an forestalld sales growth allied to a new marketing belligerence. Does the budget hint that appended striveers are insufficiencyed (each striveer can strive simply 40 hours per week)? Suppose the wage rate is $20 per hour. How frequent appended strive hours are insufficiencyed for the hence month? What would happen if treatment did not forestall the insufficiency for appended strive in the hence month? Calculate the real absorb per individual at the end of the prevalent month and the budgeted absorb per individual for the hence month. Explain why the absorb per individual is expected to decline. The fraternity is prevalently supple and vending 325,000 jars of soup every-year. The jars vend for $5.00 each. The fraternity is because threatening the worth to $4.60. Suppose this action achieve growth sales to 375,000 jars. What is the incremental absorb associated delay supple an extra 50,000 jars of soup? What is the incremental fruits associated delay the worth abatement of $0.40 per jar? Should Suzy's inferior the worth of its soup? Use this spreadsheet (Attached)