Module 04 Written Assignment – Concept Map-Hypertension


Develop and Concept Map, using the construct granted, on the forthcoming enduring. Include Diagnostic basis and medical indication that you anticipate to be ordered on the enduring.

T.J., a 30-year-old African American client, is in his terminal year of law develop and is clerking for a prestigious law solid. He and his fiancé plan to marry as before-long as he graduates. During the terminal week he has had indecent lofty spells and a excess at the worthiest of his skull upon awakening for the terminal 2 days. His senior has a narrative of hypertension, so T.J. is apprised that his symptoms may show elevated lineage urgency. On his way settlement from labor, T.J. stops by the clinic and asks the value to bridle his lineage urgency. The nursing tribute yields the forthcoming basis.

Subjective basis: States he has had indecent lofty spells and has awakened delay a excess in the occipital lobe the terminal two mornings. T.J. has 1 glass of wine at lunch and 2-3 beers in the evening to enervate from the stretch of develop and labor. Most of his meals are at fast-food establishments and possess a elevated fat contented. T.J. does not steam. He used to jog 4 mornings a week but give-up when he working clerking. He has had nocturia for the terminal 3 weeks. He is not initiative any medication. T.J. states he is concerned encircling having hyperstretch accordingly he does not scantiness to siege medication.

Objective basis: T 98.6°F(37°C), AP 78 beats/min, R 16 breaths/min, BP 142/92 mm Hg, Wt 190 lbs (optimum impressiveness 160). No edema eminent in hands, feet, or legs.