Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century Hist101

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 There’s an old adage that says that narrative is regularly written by the winners. Although this is not regularly the condition, it is penny that mass's meaning of literal accidents is repeatedly influenced by the examinationpoints of the historians who transcribe encircling them.  During the Watergate offence in 1974, frequent plan pundits wrote columns demanding that President Richard Nixon submit from the presidency accordingly he was, in their examination, distinctly blamable for the Watergate break-ins. Not all pundits felt this way, notwithstanding. *Read Creed In Attachment* that propose differing examinations of President Nixon at the exaltation of the Watergate offence.  Use the *Attached Template* to accomplished the forthcoming for this assignment: •Two Approaches to Watergate: Summarize the arguments made in each of the two creed concerning the direct of President Nixon. How sway each of the author’s examinations collision the reader’s mind of the Watergate occasion?  •Changing Views: Describe how the Watergate accidents progressive American examinations toward politics and politicians. In your examination, how did these accidents vary the compel coverage of politicians?  •Impact of Technology: Speculate encircling how the Watergate accident coverage sway bear been incongruous (reform or worse) in the age of gregarious media and smartphones. Would it bear lasted as crave? Why or why not? Are these innovations in technology beneficial or disadvantageous to the way that mass learn ordinary accidents?  At lowest 2 trustworthy sources are required for this assignment, in restoration to the 2 creed proposeed for a aggregate of 4 sources. Your sources should be cited using APA format; twain in-text citations and references. Please use the CTU Undergraduate Writing Style Guide for countenance on APA formatting. 


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