Mock Arbitration – Arbitrator Findings

Throughout this scheme, you accomplish perpend the predicament from three incongruous perspectives and choose on three roles. These roles accomplish be of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers coalition (IBEW) Local 3, the CAC Crew and the Arbitrator. The previsage of this scheme is that twain parties entertain agreed to compose the strive abbreviate subjoined visage to visage negotiations entertain stalled.


Read the Mock Amity Instructions that you accomplish demand to perfect this scheme. The Mock Amity muniment includes the subjoined information:


a) The demographics of the employees launched for CAC Company, which accomplish include pay rates, elongation of benefit, and titles.

b) The ordinary abbreviate which accomplish depart on the terminal day of this month

c) The demands of strive and the issues that accomplish be part of the amity

d) The items and issues that the crew is accomplishing to choose to amity and those that they accomplish not consider

e) Ordinary Abbreviate


For this sight of the scheme, you accomplish choose on the role of the Arbitrator. In this role, transcribe a 2 page pamphlet making your latest decisions on the abbreviate issues giving inequitable reasons for your decisions. Be knowing to supply the subjoined in your pamphlet:

  • A resume of your decision
  • A insufficiency of three reasons to food your position
  • A insufficiency of two advenient recommendations for avoiding subjoined disputes
  • Paper in APA format delay minimal phraseology and spelling errors