MKT 345- Discussion 2


Read "British Petroleum Runs the Gregarious Resources Gauntlet" fix in Doc Sharing. After lection the circumstance, delight tally to the subjoined two questions:

1. While the burlesque representation was posting on Twitter, BP asked for the representation to be bar down. The gregarious resources footing refused, dictum that parodies were known below its conditions of advantage. Is there a meliorate way BP could entertain handled the representations making fun of it?

2. Go on YouTube and aspect Tony Hayward’s defense. Was this a well-constructed gregarious resources intimation? Should YouTube entertain been used differently, the identical, or not at all in presenting BP’s circumstance? Explain your discussion.

When tallying to two classmates, delight particularize why you judge their recommendation obtain or obtain not effect. Support your fancy delay materials from the passage.