Mid-term Assignment (Concept Map and Paper)

Goal: Understand how concept mapping can be used to aid levigate your reflecting and match of your monograph. Concept mapping can be a conducive implement for aiding you conceptualize your monograph. This order is frequently used in discovery to aid scholars conceptualize discovery studies. Creating a concept map is conducive in aiding you reflect through the senior ideas, concept and bodies of erudition that are guiding your employment and aid you dispose these in a way that is gelatinous, intelligible and compelling. Assignment: 1- You specifically insufficiency to centre on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in sanity pains enhancement, and constitute confident that all your resources detail to this theme.   2- Each of you allure confirm the deep ideas and concepts that are embedded in his/her monograph. 3- Once you feel generated some concepts to employment delay, ask yourself how these concepts are detaild. 4- Create a concept map of the great concepts that underpin your monograph and their concatenation to each other. * Be mental don’t reflect environing getting the fit concept map. Reflect environing the monograph you are match, the underlying thesis declaration, the reasoning that you are making and how the concept embedded in your reasoning is detaild. Once you feel created a visual fidelity of the concepts in your monograph, you allure use it to exculpation the aftercited questions (DON'T SIMPLY WRITE THE ANSWERS FOR THOSE QUESTIONS, those questions should aid you to transcribe the concept monograph): vWhat are the accessible concepts at the nucleus of your monograph? vHow do you reflect these concepts detaild to each other and what is your account for these? vWhat is the alliance betwixt the concepts and ideas that you allure argue in your monograph? vWhat erudition informs your monograph and how does this erudition coalesce / detail? You insufficiency to invent one page concept monograph based on the concept map. This monograph allure embody your concept map.   At the end of this assignment, you insufficiency barely to acquiesce the visual fidelity of the concept map, and one page concept monograph.