How does this criterion exertion?

The Spreadsheets after a while Microsoft Excel module measures your ability to ramble and variegate an Excel exertionbook, visualize trends and patterns using shackled formats and gauge charts, stir postulates, and educe reports using PivotTables and PivotCharts. Your operation on this module demonstrates your expertness in Spreadsheets after a while Microsoft Excel by sorting and filtering options as well-mannered-mannered as statistical functions; customizing the behold and arrive-at of a exertionbook using cell formatting tools; congruity cell formulas to evaluate shackled statements; combining postulates from multiple exertionsheets; manipulating fields formatted as dates, values, or text; and nesting multiple functions unitedly to educe dynamic formulas.

How hanker does this conduct?

This rule should singly conduct environing 8 minutes.