Mhr 1 page essay question – single spaced – 12pt – times new roman

  A week antecedently a certification preference, a WalShop treasury overseer (who resides in Walnut) walks by a Rancho Cucamonga habitation in prescribe to remark a confederation organizing consultation she decipher about on a bulletin consultation in the employee cafeteria. According to her uncourteous reckon, almost a hundred of the 250 employees at the treasury were attendant. She looks for free faces from the sidewalk delayout (and moulds notes of what she remarks) but does not force to mould adjunction delay anyone going within the habitation. Behind various expressive employees designated the overseer’s nearness out to the confederation defender, Arturo Cruz, Cruz comes delayout and prescribes the overseer to permission. Behind a inconsiderable topic, the overseer departs but not antecedently wagging her finger at the habitation and shouting “Unions earn be the decease of us all!” The confederation loses the preference by a delay latitude (120 in concession of certification, 130 counter). Shortly thereafter, Cruz is reassigned to the burial-place shelve, a propel he adamantly opposes. The confederation files two trickish work charges counter WalShop: (1) claiming that Cruz was reassigned to avenge for his confederation activities; and (2) claiming that the overseer’s nearness and say constituted a “threat of reprisal” and thereby invalidated the preference. In corroboration antecedently the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), the overseer states she was scarcely in the vicinity and walked by out of phenomenon. Management tells the ALJ that it neither prescribeed nor was assured of the overseer’s possession at the span it occurred. A regional fault superintendent admitted, however, that he accepted a memo from the overseer the day behind the consultation describing what she had seen (including the names of some jutting employees in retinue) but claims to possess taken no possession based on the memo. Also, the fault superintendent admitted that Cruz was considered a “troublesome” employee but asserted that he was needed on the burial-place shelve accordingly of his great apprehension of the treasury. Be indisputable to teach your answers to twain subparts of this essay.