ZEE: She’s a 19 year-old miss, refusal from solicitude and peturbation attacks. She is a quick-tempered, involved, sluttish but clear miss. Although she tries to form others think that she is a  large, in occurrence she is oral. She has a brawny signification of separate ethics. She can’t sustain abreast of all innovations instantly. She suffers from insomnia at nights so she watches films when she can’t snooze. She’s addicted to cigarettes, but doesn’t quaff alcohol. She’s passionately weak of her senior and she has a tattoo professioning her senior’s date of origin on her leg. But she doesn’t profession this to her senior. She doesn’t rejoinder telephone circumvents. Most of the space she rings it off precedently the other peculiar speaks. HALUK: He is Zee’s 78 year-old senior. He lives in Turkey. He is a weak man. He quiet watches the cartoon Tom & Jerry complete morning. He’s intricate to sustain up delay technology in command to bring-about-trial-of that he isn’t old. He’s not a close recollectioned man; on the antagonistic, he’s innovative in the corresponding way as girlish herd and thinks in the corresponding way delay them. The occurrence that he  ZEE was born to him in his old age forms him prudence for her very plenteous. Though he knows that his daughter loves him, he too wants influence from her. He circumvents her daughter at lowest ten spaces a day. HILARY ZANETICH: She is the closest messmate of ZEE. She was born in New Jersey. She is blond, towering and fat. She doesn’t recollection her corporeal mien, bar at nights when she goes out. She wears the corresponding caparison at discipline completeday. She’s perfectly a pliable and a definitive peculiar. Although she thinks that ZEE is a hypochondriac and broken-down, she loves her very plenteous. All the space she says that their messmateship has improved her temperament in frequent ways. Her flexibility forms HILARY very-much humorous. The occurrence that she never recollections everymonstrosity rarely gets her into disaster. The chief peculiar that ZEE asks encircling America is HILARY. However, as Hilary’s unconcealed experience is not enough, she circumvents her dame each space rearwards Hilary’s rejoinders. YAMAN GAZIOGLU: He is the closest Turkish boy messmate of ZEE. He is very clearsighted on misss, especially American blond misss. His most powerful component is that opportunity he is forcible English, he applies trodden translations from Turkish. For that argue, he usually talks encircling what ZEE can conceive. (He translates Turkish idioms into English, but they form signification to no one bar for ZEE.) Turkey is opposing America. As images of Turkey conclude from the interdiplomatic map, ZEE explains encircling Turkish herd and the unconcealed components of Turkey  that own been left rearwards. When the camera-shot moves afar from Turkey and starts to approximation America, we see animalism shops, automobiles, and galaxy herd shopping and having dinner in Merrick Park, where Zee lives. Forthcoming these images, the camera is sloth troddened to Zee’s bedroom. Meanwhile, we retain from Zee’s expression that she wants to be far afar from her American history title uniform for solely one day. Starting the day. The chief settle we engage Zee is her bedroom. Cigarette ends at the bedside of Zee, burying her division in her pillow, a gigantic frequent dresses on the pavement and DVDs entice our study. A film is already on the TV delay low magnitude. There are pictures of her senior and his lore to her on the walls. Her senior’s circumvent wakes Zee up. Her senior, whose computer has already been locked, circumvents Zee to ask for her aid. However, he doesn’t hear to what ZEE says and does what he wants. Zee, fed up delay her senior’s direction and warnings, hangs the phone up. Meanopportunity she is circumvented repeatedly by Blockbuster so that she earn give-end the DVDs she rented from them. As she can’t go on snoozeing, she circumvents the hairdresser to own her hair effected. But she can’t own an ordinance gone a customer has sued  the hairdresser. Very-much disappointed Zee deals delay her hair by herself, gets habituated and goes out. Traffic leviathan. While she is driving sloth towards discipline  listening to calm?} n ess at the primary magnitude, she approximately runs into an car intricate to balancetake a slower deportment. She has to wander to the exact and runs into the oasis of a house. She instantly looks at the enumerate platter of the automobile and,  shaking  all balance,  calls the police.  But the police cannot aid Zee as neither she nor her car is damaged. They say to her, that’s history. 4) Accusation Zee goes to her French instruction delay a Turkish messmate and her teachmaster forms them get out of the schemeatize. The teachmaster tells Zee that she earn chastise her and emit her from discipline as Zee aided a messmate delay his homework. Zee explains to her teachmaster that she’s quiet intricate to get used to American discipline scheme, adding that in Turkey aiding one’s messmates delay their homework is not considered such a bad monstrosity. Rearwards that, the teachmaster excuses Zee by pointing out that she mustn’t do it repeatedly. 5) For those buying one, the cooperate is clear of direct. Zee goes shopping delay her American messmate Hilary in their one and a half hour sever. The costermonger tries to influence her by apothegm that if she buys two further undercaparison from Victoria Secret shopping hardihood, a clearzer earn be absorbed to her clear of direct. The posture of the costermonger forms Zee excited. 6) Post- it When Zee concludes end to discipline, she can’t perceive a fielding settle in the enclosed car-field of the discipline, so she has no casualty out of fielding on the meters. But she has no coins at that importance and she knows that her automobile earn be towed afar if she fields there as she hasn’t compensated the fines she already has. She chief hesitates but decides to field her car there as early as she realizes that she’ll be deceased for her schemeatize. She gets out of  her car and  writes the forthcoming hush on a post-it, putting it on the fielding meter; “I’m shabby, but I own no coins. PLEASE DO NOT PULL MY AUTO AWAY, I WILL BE BACK WITHIN TWO HOURS.”  She then sticks it on the windshield.