Improve the prophylactic of using medications  PowerPoint NPSG Presentation (15 pts) Requirements: Student allure demand to endeavor out a National Patient Prophylactic Goal (NPSG) or Kernel Measure Investigate vulgar NPSGs and Kernel Measures put forth by The Joint      Commission.  -Do investigation as to what prompted the Joint Commission to originate the point NPSGs or Kernel Measures.  -Then effect a erudition resurvey on the theme and congregate misapply notification. ----Give local  examples in your presentations. -Critically survey your deposition and notification. -Integrate notice and proof that you personally bear had whether categorically or negatively delay the point NPSG or kernel mete.    -An model would be obstruction of exigency ulcers where the patients were acetous integral two hours or were not acetous at all during your transfer at the hospital. Group Presentation - Present and volunteer for argument in-reference-to the NPSG or Kernel Measure.  -This should be executed as if sharing at a staff discussion, preamble encircling 15 minutes.     ----Use misapply materials (handouts, samples, homely Power Point)- this demands to be kept apposite.  -Address key points and hold to allotted era.