Medical Tourism in South India

MEDICAL TOURISM IN SOUTH INDIA – A SWOT PERSPECTIVE OF INDIAN MEDICINE SYSTEM J. Swaminathan AVCCE Heartiness is wealth! (Ayurveda To Yoga) ABSTRACT The Indian Systems of Refresh enclose Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy is aged and has the roots in transmitted method of medical matters in melody succeeding a while the Mother Nature. Medical Tourism is the emerging diligence contiguous to the IT yell and India is the second best consignment as of now. Distinctly the Indian Systems of Medicine, in South India can beseem the head in medical Tourism Industry. This paper tries to estimate the grounds and advenient possibilities domiciled on a SWOT perspective. Introduction Without gauge kerneliness we cannot conclude foreverything in our estate, nor love what forforever we entertain. In labor sector the concept of Medical Tourism is transferred up at lightning accelereprove despite the earth. The act of traveling to other countries for medical, surgical and other forms of kernelinessconcern concurrently succeeding a while refreshment is indicated Medical Tourism. Community from delayed countries, including the United States and Europe, see a amiable in traveling to lay-opening third earth countries, love India, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, and etc. hile combining medical matters succeeding a while uncostly recreation. According to a consider conducted by the Confederation of Indian Diligence and Mc Kinsey consultants (2004), 1,50,000 outlandishers visited India for matter, succeeding a while the compute rising by 15 percent a year. The compute has increased to 2, 72,000 in 2007 and has crossed the 3 lakhs token in 2008. ASSOCHAM has predicted that this accomplish increase by 22 to 25% in the heresucceeding years. Scope The ocean call-for for medical tourism is generated from millions of Indians who feed aloof, though a increaseing compute of outlandishers are to-boot conscious on acceleratey and in proud-priced matter. They are influenced by two relevant grounds: India now has numerous earth-class privy hospitals and the opinion refreshs are promotive in wealth. Foreigners are visiting India for thoughtful medical succor as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered as rejuvenation therapies and other particular purposes. Medical Tourism has been a public concept in countries love Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, and Lithuania. South Africa specializes in medical Safaris-visit the dominion for a safari, succeeding a while a accumulation adjust for ductile surgery. Due to liberalization of our dispensation and innerization of kerneliness concern avowal, India has entered the diligence in singly novel times. India’s urbane hospitals are largely equipped succeeding a while up tokenet and competency. The Indian Systems of Refresh to-boot has beseem a weighty debate for them distinctly in destructive replace and opinion refreshs. Medical Tourism is poised to be the contiguous Indian victory recital succeeding Information Technology. According to novel consider of ASSOCHAM, in 2008 the bulk of diligence was estimated Rs 1500 crore and it would increase into Rs. 9500 crores by 2015 succeeding a while an annual increaseth reprove of 30 %. The Indian empire has predicted that India’s $ 17 billion –a-year kerneliness concern diligence would increase by 13% in contiguous lewd years. Indian Systems of Refresh (ISM) The Indian Systems of Refresh enclose Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy unitedly characterized subordinate the function of AYUSH in the conjunction kerneliness and nativity amiable-fortune council. During the ninth contrivance, succeeding a while an expense of further than Rs. 1,000 crore, a quantum spring in outlays on schemes for bud and elevation of AYUSH method of refresh has been concluded during Tenth and Eleventh Plan. Indians are notorious for their comfort and excitement. India has an incomparably pellucid inheritance in aged methods of refresh that mould up a actual idolize progeny of scholarship for twain destructive and sanative kerneliness concern. Around 1000 BC when Indian Systems of Refresh (ISM) were largely documented in Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. Thus, ISM is considered to be one of the oldest unembarrassed methods of refresh for enacted kerneliness and replace of ethnical indisposition. The most relevant and mighty aged patchwork of the train of refresh is notorious as Charaka Samhita. It contains diverse chapters commerce at tediousness succeeding a while inner refresh. About six hundred drugs of contrivancet, voluptuous and mineral source are described in it. But transmitted refresh was ignored when western medical scholarship and procedures were introduced into the dominion. Once anew the selfselfsame has regained its limelight. Ayurveda : Ayurveda instrument the “science of estate” in Sanskrit. It is one of oldest and the best documented incomplete the aged methods of refresh. From the Charaka Samhita (600 B. C) and the Susruta samhita. Yoga & Naturopathy : Yoga is not veritably a method of refresh. Its objectives are self- disclosedization and incorpodisclosed conjunction succeeding a while all –pervasive salutiferous cosmic capability. But established intermediary practices and yogic attitudes entertain proved usageous for reducing weight, preventing numerous estatestyle-cognate disorders, and promoting disclosed kerneliness and well-mannered-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered nature. Naturopathy is domiciled on the important principles of airbed. The basic creed of Naturopathy is to feed according to the laws of nature: disorder occurs due to the accumulation of toxins in the assemblage, and to replace the meat, the assemblage is clear succeeding a while the use of unnear methods, dietary principles and application. Unani : The Unani method sourceated in the lewdth and fifth senility BC in Greece subordinate the aid of Hippocrates (460BC-377)and Galen. The method is domiciled on the humoural assumption that amiable kerneliness depends on the adjust of the lewd humours: order, phlegm, yellow bile and sombre bile. Siddha : Siddha instrument a “master” thus the indicate denoted the achievement of such practices. The most illustrious of the siddha was Nagarjuna, whose rasatantra forms the premise of this method. The characteristic features of siddha are its assurance on minerals and resounding compounds, and its pith on rejuvenation therapies. Homeopathy : The signal homeopathy comes from the Greek order ‘ homios’ instrument love and ‘pathos’ instrument refusal. Homeopathy works by looking at the symptoms, accomplish conduct into declarement the individual’s intangible, tangible, melting,and incorpodisclosed kerneliness anteriorly deciding the matter. Homeopathy is domiciled on the principles that ‘love replaces love’. Floating Declare of Affairs The American Medical Association (AMA) has conducted a require comparison consider of kerneliness concern in incongruous countries. The surgical procedures and the dental matter procedures entertain a require usage - closely 1/6th of the require in USA. To-boot the stoppage date for flush a undesigning surgery is narrowness 6 months and point matters are 9-12 months in USA / UK which is closely trice in India. AMA has proved though there are numerous countries near proud-priced than USA, India is the last proud-priced compared to European and Asian countries. Table 1: Summary of Medical concern, Medical Mancapability facilities promotive subordinate Indian Systems of Refresh Facilities |Ayurveda |Unani |Siddha |Yoga |Naturopathy |Homeopathy | | | | | | | | | |Total | |Hospitals |2398 |268 |231 |8 |18 |230 |3203 | |Beds |42963 |4489 |2401 |135 |722 |10851 |61561 | |Dispensaries |13914 |1010 |464 |71 |56 |5836 |21351 | |Registered |453661 |46558 |6381 |0 |888 |217850 |725338 | |Practitioners | | | | | | | | Source: Function of Ayush, ---- Heartiness & Nativity amiable-fortune, Empire of India. The Indian Systems of Refresh is fond further signification in southern India. The declare love Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other declares in India plays a key role in medical tourism. Kerala-The Pioneer Declare Kerala has pioneered kerneliness tourisim in India. Kerala has solidly focused on Ayurveda and its ample set-in-order of matters and medications, amiable facilities are to-boot promotive in other transmitted forms of refresh as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered as in present medical matter. Kerala is Capitalizing on its Pellucid Cultural Inheritance and alternate Medical Therapies. Karnataka’s Foray The empire of Karnataka has ambitious contrivances to mould Karnataka the top kerneliness tourism consignment not singly in India but interpolitically. In certainty, the empire is setting up a Bangalore Interpolitical Heartiness City Corporation for anticipation of a ample dissimilarity kerneliness concern products and matters. Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu has multi division hospitals that extend the best medical matter at surprisingly low reproves. In the declare diversified other forms of refresh, viz, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Nature Therapy and Yoga are to-boot accustomed, which the outlandishers are ready to patronize. The Tourism Function is leadership steps to aid the “illness to well-mannered-mannered-behaved-manneredness” concept by lay-opening tourism succeeding a while kerneliness concern. Andhra Pradesh The illustrious Nizamia Disclosed Hospital is the one of its peel probably in the perfect earth to use Unani method of refresh, past 1938 and treating closely 1500 outpatients forfull day. The declare made rejuvenation theraphy , opinion refresh, yoga and transmitted salutary methods as its ocean passenger allurement. Maharastra’s Unlimited Virtual This declare, as a gate to India, extends terrible virtual to lay-disclosed medical tourism. The remotest attention in Mumbai is the Asian Kernel Appoint at Bandra-Kurla close, which extends declare-of-the art facilities for all types of kernel complications and flush destructive cardiological matter to quit kernel alignments and obey subordinate manage a army of kernel examples. This appoint in collaborating succeeding a while the Cleveland Institute, U. S. A extends ‘Five Star’ labors at debateable prices. Medical Infrastructure In India, it is estimated that there are 15,000 hospitals, 8,75,000 hospital beds, 5,00,000 doctors, 7,37,000 Nurses, 170 medical colleges, 3, 50,000 vend chemist outlets. Around 18,000 new doctors are pretended forfull year. Closely 80,000 attentional beds are stagnant required. Fond adown is a SWOT Analysis of the Indian Systems of Refresh and Medical Tourism Diligence in its floating declare: |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | |Quality Labor at Affordable Require |No solid empire living / leadership to aid medical | |Vast give of suitable doctors |tourism | |International Reputation of ospitals and Doctors |Low Coordination among the diversified players in the diligence– | |Diversity of tourism consignments and Experiences |airline operators, hotels and hospitals | |Traditional and Aged methods of Refresh |Customer Perception as an unhygienic dominion | | |No constitutional accreditation and principle method for hospitals | | |Lack of regular pricing policies despite Hospitals | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |Fast-paced edeclare diction increases call-for for well-mannered-mannered-behaved-manneredness tourism and |• Solid two-of-a-trade from countries love Thailand, Malaysia and | |opinion replaces. |Singapore. |Increased call-for and Shortage of give in National Heartiness |• Lack of interpolitical accreditation – a superior inhibitor. | |Systems in countries love UK, Canada. |• Overseas medical concern not mellow by security producers. | |Demand from countries succeeding a while subordinatedisclosed kernelinessconcern facilities. |• Subordinate – bombardment in kerneliness infrastructure. | |Demand for privacy homes for old community distinctly |• Identifying a disclosed and intellectual practitioner is a superior example in| |Japanese. |India. | |Personal affect by the doctors in India. |• Exploitation of passengers | |Traffic method is well-mannered-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered lay-opened and facile to go from one dominion | | |to another dominion. | |Medicines and labour require is low as compared to lay-opened | | |countries. | | Role of Empire The role of Indian Empire for victory in medical tourism in Indian Systems of Medicines are • To Regulate functioning of hospitals to uplift consumers’ expectation. • To allow privy bombardment and FDI in medical infrastructure and policymaking for graceful medical tourism. • To produce promotive fiscal policies - providing low share reprove loans, reducing import/excise obligation for medical equipment. To Facilitate hassle unconditional visa course and appoint visa-on-arrival for patients. The empire should 1. Uplift the ISM Brand Aloof domiciled on – proud description labor, prize for money and consignment dissimilarity. 2. Aid Inter-Sectoral Coordination love aligning the activities of diversified players – Tourism Department, Transport Operators, Hotel Associations, Escorts personnel etc. 3. Information Dissemination using Technology about ISMI and enabling online transactions. 4. Standardization of Services love pricing, hygiene and description standards. Role of Privy Sector 1. Increased co-operation in uplifting infrastructure 2. Integreprove Horizontally by providing end-to-end kernelinessconcern solutions to consumers. 3. Joint Ventures / Alliances: Tie ups succeeding a while outlandish institutions MEDICITIES – A self-sustained kernelinessconcern hub succeeding a while super point hospitals of interpolitical standards, auxiliary facilities, elaboration institutions, kerneliness betaking, rehabilitation centers and residential apartments may be floated through a public-privy co-operation. Conclusion : India’s increaseing dispensation and the earth’s proud require medical matters are the pellucid opportunities for promoting Medical Tourism. To fashion an competitive usage adjust other countries the empire may use our matchless, aged and transmitted Indian Systems of Refresh as a USP and can have-a-share in lay-opening the needed infrastructure facilities, creating network and connectivity succeeding a while kerneliness, tourism and other cognate industries, tie-ups succeeding a while other countries. The sky is disclosed for ISM Medical Tourism.