Medical Coding and Billing Sample Certification Questions

  4.   Which one of the forthcoming assertions correspondently represents the action unreserved as unbundling?    A. Alliance principles are attributeed particularly in ICD-10-CM.   B. Codes that should be grouped into one principle are gentle into disjoined principles to maximize physician acquittal.   C. ICD-10-PCS principles are gentle into disjoined principles for congruent attributement.   D. Codes inventoryed as disjoined arrangements are attributeed particularly.    5.   Placing a catheter into the aorta or promptly into an artery or feeling is denominated    A. brachiocephalic fabrication.   B. third prescribe importation.   C. selective catheter importation.   D. nonselective catheter importation.    6.   What ICD-10-CM principle would be attributeed for a resigned delay sharp tubule-interstitial nephritis?    A. L50.0   B. Z02.6   C. N10   D. B96.2    7.   The suffix -sis richess    A. inflammation.   B. stupid.   C. qualification.   D. manner.    8.   The concept of meaningful use pertains to    A. medical discharge protocol and instrument explanation.   B. choiceronic lifeiness constantles implementation.   C. riches usement in the inresigned elucidation.   D. categorization of resigned counsel.    9.   In what CPT principle concatenate is Surgical Pathology set-up?    A. 88400–80499   B. 88000–80299   C. 88300–88309   D. 88515–88598    10.   According to the CMS Exoteric Physician Fee Schedule, what is the shift factor for basic duration deeptenance mileage?    A. $32.4726   B. $34.5741   C. $28.8457   D. $36.0666    11.   A resigned who was concerned in a motor conveyance enclosings is charmed to the hospital by ambulance and advanceted to the hospital in fastidious preservation. The physician sees the resigned for 74 minutes in fastidious preservation. The physician leaves to imply to other resigneds in the ICU and the NICU of the alike hospital. Five hours behindcited, the physician produce to the resigned and continues to use the resigned in fastidious preservation for an subjoined 30 minutes. The resigned spends a aggregate of 104 minutes in fastidious preservation. What principles are attributeed?    A. 99291, 99292   B. 99292, 99293   C. 99291, 99291   D. 99292, 99292, 99293    12.   The preaspect endo- richess    A. below.   B. behindcited a eraout of.   C. neighboring to.   D. delayin.    13.   What is the CPT principle for a three-view x-ray of the reckoning?    A. 70200   B. 70100   C. 70150   D. 70240    14.   Rules of cupelimony administer the    A. aggregate of cupelimony that may be advanceted during a urbane suffering.   B. manneres and arrangements for scrutiny and apology sessions.   C. instruments that can be considered during jury suffering.   D. extension of nefarious seek archives, but not urbane seek archives.    15.   The ampulla, isthmus, interstitium, and fimbria are ins of    A. introduction miens of ectopic pregnancy.   B. incision miens for pacemaker cherishation.   C. membranes in the abdomen.   D. plagues in the ankle.    16.   Principle J9165 is attributeed for intravenous diethylstilbestrol diphosphate. According to the principle denomination, what dosage was administered?    A. 20 mg   B. 50 mg   C. Up to 0.5 mg   D. 250 mg    17.   Members of the uniformed labors, their families and survivors, and singly members and their families fit for    A. TRICARE.   B. OIG Recovery.   C. Medicare.   D. Medicaid.    18.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness persomality discontented of abdominal denial. She was precedingly diagnosed delay pattern I diabetes. She besides complains of vapid eyes, plethora, constraining in the sinuses, and awkwardness lively. Her definite diagnoses are proper inferior quadrant abdominal denial, pattern I diabetes, sharp sinusitis, and asthma. What CPT and ICD-10-CM principles are attributeed?    A. 99222, R18.91, E16.9, J01.91, J45.919   B. 99221, R17.41, E17.9, J01.90, J45.909   C. 99221, R10.31, E10.9, J01.90, J45.909   D. 99223, R14.31, E15.9, J01.90, J45.929    19.   Underneath HIPAA, lifeiness preservation facilities must    A. ensue up delay resigneds who usually-again-and-again overlook catalogued appointments for mandatory labors.   B. agree-to constantless of resigneds who recontribute recipes departed than unintermittently delayin a three-month seasonframe.   C. detain a cleanly, unendangered launched environment.   D. choice a solitude discharger in agreement delay HIPAA policies and arrangements.    20.   What is the ICD-10-CM principle for unfixed sharp pericarditis?    A. I30.89   B. I30.9   C. I30   D. I30.79    21.   What is the generous principle denomination for 25515?    A. Notorious usement of radial matter severance, includes inner fixation, when produced   B. Closed usement of ulnar matter severance; delayout fabrication   C. Closed usement of radial matter severance; delayout fabrication   D. Notorious usement of radial matter severance, includes inner fixation, when produced, and notorious usement of distal radioulnar elbow misconception (Galeazzi severance/dislocation), includes inner fixation, when produced, includes restore of triangular fibrocartilage compound    22.   Which of the forthcoming barren residuums would comprise the diaphysis?    A. Metatarsal   B. Diaphragm   C. Septum   D. Tibia    23.   A resigned of-late became desirable for lifeiness pawn through her employer. Her lifeiness pawn is considered to be an 80-20 device. Underneath the victualss of an 80-20 device, the insurer pays 80 percent and the insured pays 20 percent of expenses. This 80-20 device is an in of    A. coinsurance.   B. prospective cancelment.   C. capitation.   D. event usement.    24.   The Outresigned Prospective Cancelment Scheme (OPPS) pays    A. an symmetrical admonish for outresigned labors in point hospitals.   B. a percentage of the exoteric mean for the alike surgery produced in a irrelative geographic residuum.   C. 65% of the catalogue C admonish for all surgeries.   D. subsidies to comprise lifeiness preservation costs in verdant facilities.     25.   The consider of indisposition is denominated    A. physiology.   B. pathology.   C. urology.   D. neurology.    26.   Slight injuries such as abrasions or contusions are    A. not principled when associated delay departed exact injuries of the alike mien.   B. queried to pointize if the injuries are prejudiced to the alike mien.   C. principled when associated delay departed exact injuries of the alike mien.   D. principled singly when debridement is produced.    27.   Another call for XXY syndrome is    A. Turner's syndrome.   B. Cooley's anemia.   C. Klinefelter syndrome.   D. Huntington's chorea.    28.   The manner that physicians use to slife for each labor or investigate particularly rather than on a pre-compensated account is denominated    A. fee-for-service.   B. capitation.   C. pre-compensated preservation.   D. managed preservation.    29.   A physician has a parley delay a pharmaceutical sales delegated-to-others. During the order of the confabulation, the physician reveals the distinction and departed race, medical, and political narrative of a resigned currently entity useed delay one of the medications that the sales delegated-to-others is selling. In this plight, the doctor could be sued for    A. encroachment of solitude.   B. malfeasance.   C. undue misforemost and injury.   D. feeling-against.    30.   A resigned is prescribed a medication that narrows the dignity vessels and raises her dignity constraining. The medication is most slight a    A. tranquilizer.   B. cardiogenic.   C. vasoconstrictor.   D. cardiotonic    31.   Physicians typically associate to barren residuums using plainional victualss, which are usually    A. paired in opposites.   B. used principally by chiropractors.   C. used to picture surgical incisions.   D. associateenced horizontally.     32.   The consider of edifice indisposition using macroscopic or inconspicuous anatomy is denominated    A. immunology.   B. histopathology.   C. cytopathology.   D. microbiology.    33.   A physician succeeds cells from the plague kernel hollow using a scarcityle and a syringe. How would this arrangement be principled?    A. 36575   B. 37328   C. 38220   D. 35092    34.   What is Medipreservation Part D?    A. The contenteded of Medipreservation Part A that covers outresigned surgeries   B. Add-on coverage for recipe garbages granted through pawn companies widedisperse by Medipreservation   C. Supplemental coverage for war veterans and their dependents   D. Add-on coverage for dental arrangements    35.   A womanish resigned is seen for her annual gynecological demonstration. During the demonstration, the physician performs a cupel to discover cervical cancer. This cupel is denominated a/an    A. immunoassay cupel.   B. Pap besmear.   C. carcinoembryonic antigen cupel.   D. mycobacterial humanization.    36.   A physician is denominated to the intensive preservation particular for a resigned delay second-degree flashs sustained on 55% of his matter era cooking in the kitchen where he works. The physician sees the resigned in the fastidious preservation particular for two hours, leaves the particular, and produce behindcited the alike day to get an subjoined hour of fastidious preservation. What ICD-10-CM and CPT principles would be attributeed?    A. L91.8, 99291 × 2, 99292 × 4   B. R53.81, 99291, 99293 × 5   C. Z30.09, 99293, 99294 × 2   D. T31.50, 99291, 99292 × 4    37.   A shift in the edifices and cells delayin a point area on or in the matter is denominated a    A. lesion.   B. cyst.   C. neoplasm.   D. button.    38.   Counsel environing a resigned can becan be loosed for inquiry inferiorneathneath the victualss of HIPAA, singly if    A. the resigned signs an authorization straightway upon appropinquation.   B. the inquiry is fastidious for technological outgrowth.   C. the resigned has authorized the loose and singly a poor aggregate of counsel is loosed.   D. inquiryers succeed authorization from the advanceting physician.    39.   A resigned is diagnosed delay behind a whilestand cancer and inferiorneathgoes a point mastectomy. What CPT principle would be attributeed?    A. 19305   B. 19307   C. 19304   D. 19301    40.   To consent to the HIPAA Solitude Rule, which of the forthcoming unendangeredguards must be detained in lifeiness preservation facilities?    A. Immunization and augmentation unendangeredguards   B. Temperate dischargeal, technical, and substantial unendangeredguards   C. ICD-7 situational unendangeredguards   D. Hazardous squander defence unendangeredguards    41.   A resigned sustains a severance of the femur era at-liberty baseball in a nearby limit. What ICD-10-CM principle would be attributeed?    A. S72.001A   B. S72.009A   C. S72.003A   D. S49.006A    42.   According to the guidelines for medical constantless outlined in the Heartiness Pawn Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), resigneds    A. keep the proper to keep errors retrospected by a hospital official.   B. keep the proper to punish errors in identification foundation singly.   C. keep the proper to keep errors in their medical constantless punished.   D. do not keep the proper to keep errors punished, as the foundation has been precedingly identified by the physician.     43.   Modifier -23 shows that    A. two surgeons produced a arrangement.   B. a arrangement was produced bilaterally.   C. a physician retrospected and interpreted a radiology arrangement.   D. the resigned common open anesthesia for a arrangement that would ordinarily be produced delay persomal or no anesthesia.    44.   The Heartiness Pawn Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created for the meaning of    A. streamlining directs mannering and reducing paperwork through choiceronic transmission.   B. stabilizing dischargeal costs and productivity.   C. decreasing employee turnover and reducing the quantity of new rent paperwork.   D. modifying legitimate and religions issues enclosing medical constantless appropriation.    45.   A resigned is seen in the awkwardness persomality discontented of abdominal denial in the left inferior quadrant. It's pointized that the resigned is experiencing inflammation of the pancreas, which is besides denominated    A. pancreaticoduodonal arcade.   B. pancreatitis.   C. pancreatolysis.   D. pancreatonia.    46.   A 55-year-old resigned was injured era launched as a carpenter on a explanation mien. Era framing the roof of a two-story seed, he subvert and hit his acme. He was diagnosed delay a confront to the left edge of his acme, and inferiorneathwent a proper frontal parietal craniotomy delay disruption of a subdural hematoma. During the resigned's era of regaining, he was abandoned a medication that resulted in a audacious on his abdomen. The physician conducted an abundant quantity focused narrative and exam, delay innocuous medical conclusion making. What CPT principle(s) should be attributeed?    A. 99251   B. 99252   C. 99292, 99291   D. 99253    47.   Leading infallible tramps to preserve PHI from entity enclosingsally loosed to men-folks who don't scarcity to perceive the counsel is denominated the    A. narrowness requipredicament type.   B. solitude usement ordinance.   C. lifeiness counsel deeptenance guideline.   D. counsel victuals type.    48.   The deep account represents the most basic mien of a indisposition or qualification. For in, the deep account of a distinction involving a gentle arm is    A. gentle.   B. destroy.   C. severance.   D. arm.    49.   Performing a daily cohibit for viruses and malware is one of the    A. demandments of the Help Desk.   B. rotation miens of software deeptenance.   C. aware guidelines for Internet use in lifeiness preservation facilities.   D. discharges of HIM encoders.    50.   A principler overhears a private assertion made behindcited a eraout of the seek, and then, when denominated to cupelify, renews the assertion as entity precision. This is an in of    A. cross-examination.   B. gossip.   C. hypothesis.   D. a plain cite.    51.   A resigned admits two venous constraining clamps for hemodialysis. What HCPCS Flatten II principle is attributeed?    A. A4751   B. A4751 × 2   C. A4918 × 2   D. A4918     52.   The manner of removing edifice for histopathology is denominated    A. shaving.   B. debridement.   C. extirpation.   D. biopsy.    53.   A principler would attribute modifier -53 to communication    A. dental arrangements.   B. renew arrangements.   C. anesthesia government.   D. arrangements cancelled due to the resigned's qualification.    54.   Alternative controversy unravelling (ADR) confesss    A. resolving medical malaction suits by suggestting presuffering depositions.   B. lawyer-to-lawyer interference during suffering seclusion.   C. mediating controversys delay a arbiter in the closeness of the bailiff.   D. litigants to dictate controversys anterior to or behindcited the rouse of litigation.    55.   Principle concatenate 99231–99233 pertains to    A. moderate hospital preservation.   B. behind hospital preservation.   C. table labors.   D. hospital liberate labors.    56.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness persomality discontented of abdominal denial, sea-sickness, and self-willed vomiting. Unable to pinpoint the origin of the resigned's murmurs, the physician decides to advance the resigned to the hospital. Aftercited conducting a consummate narrative and demonstration, the resigned's definite distinction is pointized to be constant duodenal abscess. The resigned sediment hospitalized for three days. The physician sees the resigned on the day of liberate. What ICD-10 and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 99234, N17.9   B. 99223, I48.91   C. 99238, K26.7   D. 99291, D63.1    57.   The point guidelines that depute a weighty loose of counsel inferiorneathneath the HIPAA Solitude Rule are pictured as    A. OIG pointations.   B. E/M flattens.   C. considerations in harmony to lavish usement.   D. life elements.    58.   The suffix –centesis richess    A. unnatural qualification.   B. calculus or stone.   C. a surgical bore for clear disruption.   D. disengagement, destroydown, damnation.    59.   The principle for an ESWL would be set-up in the    A. Urinary and Hardy Genital Systems of CPT.   B. Chemotherapy exception of HCPCS.   C. Digestive Scheme of CPT.   D. Cardiovascular Scheme of CPT.    60.   A womanish resigned is diagnosed delay behind a whilestand cancer of the inferior-inner quadrant of the proper behind a whilestand. The resigned inferiorneathgoes a qualified unsparing mastectomy of the proper behind a whilestand in an Nursing essay to entrap the disperse of the cancer to any unimportant barren miens. The arrangement was produced in three stages. In attention to the unsparing mastectomy, the physician besides produced a proper behind a whilestand biopsy to use the behind a whilestand button in the inferior-inner quadrant. What ICD-10-CM and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 19307-58-RT, 19101-59-RT, C50.311   B. 15852-58, Z48.01   C. 11602, 15240, C50.312   D. 19307-RT, 19101-RT, C50.211    61.   A resigned comes to the ambulatory surgery core for a disincorporate of the cervical spine. Anterior to the inauguration of the surgery, the resigned suffers an allergic reaction to the anesthesia soon behindcited it's administered. Consequently of this reaction, the surgery is not produced. What principle would be attributeed as the foremost-listed distinction?    A. The comment principle   B. The debate that the surgery was catalogued to be produced   C. The allergy principle   D. The anesthesia government    62.   Anti-inflammatory garbages applied to the peel to help peel conjectures are denominated    A. topical corticosteroids.   B. antiseptics.   C. keratolytics.   D. astringents.    63.   The _______ strength sends visual foundation to the occipital lobe of the brain.    A. abducens   B. trochlear   C. optic   D. oculomotor    64.   The spring engagement OBSTETR/O richess    A. pregnancy.   B. cesarean.   C. midwife.   D. nativity.    65.   The spring engagement ENTER/O richess    A. protuberance.   B. stomach.   C. domestic.   D. secretion.     66.   What principle would be attributeed for gastropathy?    A. K29.7   B. K41.31   C. K31.9   D. K41.2    67.   A resigned comes to the physician's discharge discontented of neck irritation. The physician examines her neck and notes that she has a 15 cm neck scar. Upon advance demonstration, the physician notes that the neck scar demands abundant debridement and appropriation consolidations. The physician performs a dermabrasion to use the neck scar and then closes the compound injury delay the consolidations. What ICD-10 and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 13132, 13133 × 2, L90.5   B. 13132, 13133 × 3, H81.09, L92.9   C. 13133-51, 13131-79, L60.0   D. 13132, L76.82    68.   The bulbourethral gland is set-up in the _______ scheme.    A. neurological   B. cardiovascular   C. hardy genital   D. womanish genital    69.   A tethered lifeiness constantles confesss resigneds to    A. recomposition pawn copayments.   B. use a arrest gate to advance their own constantless.   C. parallel their lifeiness constantless to the constantless of resigneds delay alike diagnoses.   D. reform the diagnoses inventoryed in the lifeiness constantles.    70.   A resigned is diagnosed delay lymphocytic lymphoma. Another resigned is seen different weeks behindcited and is diagnosed delay histiocytic lymphoma. Twain of these diagnoses are ins of _______ lymphoma.    A. basic   B. Hodgkin's   C. non-Hodgkin's   D. Burkitt's    71.   A resigned admits a dignity glucose mentor. What HCPCS Flatten II principle would be attributeed?    A. E0976   B. E0607   C. E0562   D. E4752    72.   A good-tempered-natured-natured submission program in the lifeiness preservation elucidation includes    A. HHS surveillance.   B. methodic tracking and mentoring of coding activities.   C. parleys delay submission dischargers.   D. methodic audit tables delay trustees of the AAPC.    73.   A resigned delay inarticulate symptoms is seen in the laboratory for a open lifeiness panel to probe her overall substantial welfare. What CPT principle would be attributeed for a open lifeiness panel?    A. 80051   B. 82136   C. 84135   D. 80050    74.   Principle 71030-TC shows a/an    A. consummate chest x-ray, lewd views, technical contenteded singly.   B. inconsummate chest x-ray, two views, technical and authoritative contented.   C. consummate chest x-ray, two views, technical contenteded singly.   D. inconsummate chest x-ray, three views, technical and authoritative contented    75.   If resigneds choice to succeed copies of their medical constantless, inferiorneathneath the victualss of HIPAA, getrs can    A. besides intention requests for recipe foundation.   B. recatalogue discharge investigates to confess season to update medical constantless.   C. consummate employee paperwork.   D. impeach a debateable fee for providing copies of those constantless.    76.   A resigned comes to the clinic discontented of heat, diarrhea, sea-sickness, and vomiting. The resigned is diagnosed delay salmonella meningitis. What ICD-10-CM principle would be attributeed?    A. A23.24   B. A02.21   C. A05.26   D. A07.21    77.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness persomality discontented of proper elbow denial. He says that he was at-liberty vileball the preceding waning and enclosingsally subvert when sliding into foremost vile. The physician succeeds an abundant quantity focused narrative and demonstration, as courteous-behaved-behaved as a two-view x-ray of the proper elbow. The physician retrospects the x-ray, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the notes in the medical constantles, and renders a distinction of osteoarthritis of the elbow. The physician performs a patellofemoral arthroplasty to restore the elbow. What ICD-10-CM and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 27477, M17.12   B. 27506-RT, N17.11   C. 27477-RT, D17.39   D. 27447-RT, M17.11    78.   Victuals of pawn resisting a grieve, mislaying, or injury delay point coin cancelments is denominated    A. copayment.   B. defence.   C. satisfaction.   D. arrestd mislaying.    79.   HCPCS modifier –E2 shows that the resigned had a surgical arrangement produced on the    A. inferior left eyelid.   B. remarkable left eyelid.   C. remarkable proper eyelid.   D. inferior proper eyelid.    80.   When is principle 58120 attributeed?    A. The principle is attributeed for flashing pacemaker cherishation.   B. The principle has been deleted and cannot be attributeed.   C. The principle is attributeed for a resigned inferiorneathgoing dilatation and curettage.   D. The principle is attributeed as an add-on principle.     81.   Epithelial edifice that secretes its products promptly into the dignitystream is made of    A. extracellular matrix.   B. endocrine gland cells.   C. endoplasmic reticulum.   D. columnar epithelial cells.    82.   Which of the forthcoming modifiers would be attributeed for a moribund resigned?    A. P4   B. P1   C. P5   D. P3    83.   The barren residuum of the calyx is the    A. spine.   B. brain.   C. arm.   D. sort.    84.   Which one of the forthcoming demandments is outlined in the guidelines symmetrical in HIPAA's Solitude Rule?    A. Hospital officials must encrypt foundation delayin older foundation files.   B. Physicians must not discover resigned counsel to consulting physicians.   C. Patients must admit give-heed-to if their counsel earn be used or discoverd to third parties.   D. Managers must arrest medical constantless straightway forthcoming resigned appropinquation.    85.   The I-10 helps principlers dispose resigned    A. morbidity and dullness.   B. usement counsel.   C. evaluation files.   D. acquittal foundation.    86.   During a rotation demonstration, a hardy resigned is diagnosed delay an influential PSA. The physician performs a biopsy of the prosay delay a rectal ultrasound to pinpoint the origin of the quantity. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM principles would be attributeed?    A. 55725, 76000-26, R93.6   B. 55700, 76872-26, R97.2   C. 55734, 73200-26, R97.2   D. 55720, 74000-26, R97.3    87.   Heartiness preservation practitioners must detain constantless of solitude device actions and arrangements for    A. 20 years.   B. 10 months.   C. 2 years.   D. 6 years.    88.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness individuality of a verdant hospital. He murmurs of quantitys latent, base turgescence, and insomnia. Aftercited a inferential retrospect of the resigned's narrative and a inferential demonstration, the resigned is diagnosed delay constant renal insufficiency, nephrotic syndrome, and anemia, viled on the values inventoryed in his dignity cupel. The resigned inferiorneathgoes a biopsy of the left and proper sorts inferiorneathneath physician direction. A CT view is besides used for direction and scarcityle importation. A ensue-up CT view delay physician retrospect and explanation is besides produced. What ICD-10 and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 50500-73, 51200-LT, C79.2, C61   B. 50200-RT-LT, 50310-RT, 51252-26, E46, N18.9, N04.9   C. 51000, 50310-59-LT, J90, Z90.12, E85.4   D. 50200-50, 50200-59-RT, 77012.26, N18.9, N04.9, D64.9    89.   Foundation stored in a lifeiness preservation readiness must    A. consent delay HIPAA rules and must be detained arrestly.   B. agree to OIG policies and arrangements.   C. be unembarrassed in agreement delay say types for choiceronic foundation reciprocity.   D. consent to the physician's expectations for foundation storage.    90.   Heartiness preservation practitioners who suggest injuryulent scores to acception acquittal may    A. be blacklisted according to geographic residuum.   B. be inventoryed in the Coding Directory of Delusive Billing published year-by-year by the Individuality of Heartiness and Human Services.   C. be communicationed to the Discharge of the Attorney General.   D. aspect financial penalties or, in some events, incarceration.    91.   Which of the forthcoming anesthesia modifiers shows a typical, lifeinessy resigned?    A. P3   B. P1   C. P4   D. P2    92.   When coding flashs, principlers should    A. dispose all flashs as sharp flashs.   B. attribute disjoined principles for each flash mien.   C. attribute the principle for third-degree flashs.   D. attribute the principle for constant flashs.    93.   A 65-year-old resigned is advanceted to the hospital for 48 hours to admit usement from her physician. This resigned would be tried inferiorneathneath    A. Medipreservation Part D.   B. Medipreservation Part A.   C. Medipreservation Part B.   D. Medipreservation Part C.     94.   A resigned comes to the clinic discontented of ongoing acmeaches. The acmeaches began one week anterior and keep persisted always since. A lumbar spinal tap is produced to pinpoint the origin of the resigned's acmeaches. What CPT and ICD-10-CM principles are attributeed?    A. 62270, G44.1   B. 62270, G74.3   C. 62141, G46.8   D. 62272, G46.9    95.   What principle would be attributeed for a tube pericardiostomy?    A. 33210   B. 33026   C. 33015   D. 33050    96.   What is the principle denomination for 65101-LT?    A. Disruption of demonstrable cherish produced behindcitedally   B. Fine scarcityle desire of circuital divergency on the left third of the circuit   C. Biopsy of cornea produced on the inferior third of the cornea   D. Enucleation of eye, delayout cherish, produced on the left edge of the matter    97.   Another call for diazepam is    A. Flexeril.   B. Valium.   C. Norflex.   D. Myolastan.   98.   The gatekeeper concept associates to the action of    A. prospective cancelment explanations.   B. retrospective cancelment explanations.   C. ambulatory cancelment surgery cores.   D. lifeiness deeptenance explanations.    99.   The CPT principle for thrombolysis is    A. 93000.   B. 92975.   C. 92920.   D. 93797.    100.   According to HIPAA, a resigned's counsel may be loosed for    A. paternity cupeling.   B. inquiry.   C. determining premiums viled on a resigned's departed medical narrative.   D. attributering choiceronic medical constantless to indirect residuums.    101.   Which of the forthcoming assertions is penny of the Affordable Preservation Act?    A. It includes a victuals for soldierlike labor members who served in Afghanistan.   B. It demands lifeiness preservation facilities to detain lifeiness constantless for at meanest 10 years.   C. It makes it mandatory for resigneds to convey lifeiness pawn.   D. It offers parents supplementary coverage for dependents delay constant distemper    102.   A resigned is seen in the physician's discharge behindcited the results of an antecedent mammogram demonstrated microcalcification in the proper behind a whilestand as courteous-behaved-behaved as a behind a whilestand lesion. The lesion is excised using scarcityle persomalization. The resigned's definite distinction is fibrosclerosis of the proper behind a whilestand. What CPT and ICD-10-CM principles are attributeed?    A. 19120-RT, L10.11   B. 19125-RT, N60.31   C. 19126-LT, M25.1   D. 19123-RT, H16.11    103.   A principler would attribute a Q principle as a poor principle for    A. holistic usements for spinal arrangements.   B. continuing medical equipment singly.   C. arrangements or labors singly.   D. arrangements, labors, and supplies    104.   Which of the forthcoming forms is used to slife outresigned impeachs?    A. HCFA-1350 or CMS-650   B. HCFA-1400 or CMS-1540   C. AMA-14 or UCF-1250   D. CMS-1500 or UCF-1500.    105.   During a rotation demonstration, a resigned shows that she is leading an antihypertensive medication that causes her sorts to excrete departed urine. These antihypertensive medications are denominated    A. calcium-channel blockers.   B. anticoagulants.   C. beta blockers.   D. diuretics.     106.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness persomality discontented of postnasal ooze, usual nosebleeds, acmeaches, and awkwardness lively. She is diagnosed delay a deviated nasal septum, hypertrophy of the turbinate, and inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses. The physician performs an endoscopic ethmoidectomy of the left nasal sinus, septoplasty, and turbinate extirpation. What ICD-10-CM and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 31255, 30520, 30130, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   B. 31255-LT, 30520-51, 30130-51, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   C. 31230, 30520, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   D. 31230-51, 30520-LT, J34.2    107.   A physician is analyzing point organs in a point country of the resigned's matter. In her notes, she associates to the athwart or cross-sectional flatten, which divides the matter    A. inferiorly.   B. vertically.   C. horizontally.   D. bilaterally.    108.   A resigned comes to the awkwardness persomality behindcited having dinner at a restaurant, where she began to proof chest tone during the abstinence. She is seen for a cardiology table in the outresigned elucidation for a distinction of chest tone. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM principles would be attributeed?    A. 99245, R07.89   B. 99244, R07.59   C. 99242, R17.52   D. 99243, R25.96    109.   Providers that admit acquittal behindcited lifeiness preservation labors keep been granted are entity consoled inferiorneathneath the _______ scheme.    A. prospective cancelment   B. retrospective cancelment   C. capitation   D. UCR    110.   The regulations in HIPAA devote to three groups of particular and corpoadmonish entities, each concerned in choiceronic medical constantless attribute. These groups are indiscriminately associatered to as    A. lifeiness preservation officials.   B. tried entities.   C. situational lifeiness preservation foundation collectors.   D. preserveed personnel.    111.   The largest salivary glands are denominated the _______ glands.    A. amylase   B. parotid   C. sublingual   D. submandibular    112.   Which modifier shows a staged or kindred arrangement produced during the postoperative era?    A. -59   B. -57   C. -58   D. -54    113.   The unconstrained program that's financed through a alliance of cancelments from open federal revenues and premiums compensated by beneficiaries who choice to enjoy-a-share is denominated    A. CHAMPVA.   B. Medipreservation Part B.   C. Medicaid.   D. TRICARE.    114.   What is the generous principle denomination for 33536?    A. Restore of postinfarction ventricular septal shortcoming, delay or delayout myocardial reexception   B. Coronary artery bypass, using arterial incorporate(s); 4 or departed coronary arterial incorporates   C. Restore of envelop vent proper ventricle delay intraventricular tunnel restore   D. Closure of atrioventricular valve (mitral or tricuspid) by consolidation or patch    115.   Categorically scarcityy and medically scarcityy resigneds may fit for    A. Medicaid.   B. CHAMPVA.   C. Champus.   D. Medipreservation Advantage    116.   ICD-10-CM principle S50.351A shows that the resigned has a slight exotic matter of the proper elbow. The A shows that    A. principle S50.351A should be attributeed to page 1 of the medical constantles, but not behind pages.   B. this is the resigned's foremost confront.   C. this is the resigned's second confront for the alike initiatory distinction.   D. principle S50.351A should be sequenced antecedently unimportant principles.    117.   The foramen ovale is set-up in which barren residuum?    A. Fibula   B. Life   C. Pancreas   D. Liver    118.   A new resigned is seen in a clinic for murmurs of omission of life, heat, awkwardness gorging, runny nose, and cough. The physician performs a inferential narrative, inferential demonstration, and medical conclusion making of low compoundity. The physician besides succeeds a chest x-ray and lab workup. Systematic on the results of the sign cupels, the physician renders a distinction of remarkable respiratory charge taint and lymphadenopathy. What ICD-10 and CPT principles are attributeed?    A. 99203, J06.9, R59.0   B. 99202, D63.1, J45.909   C. 99213, R06.82, F10.229   D. 99215, M19.011, R13.10    119.   A resigned has a disprescribe in which the plague kernel produces an overabundance of colorless dignity cells. What is this disprescribe denominated?    A. Leukemia   B. Hemophilia   C. Coagulation   D. Septicemia    120.   A resigned is diagnosed delay acne. What ICD-10-CM principle would be attributeed?    A. L74.2   B. L72.3   C. L70.0   D. L73.1     121.   A principler attributes a HCPCS Flatten II principle to a resigned's medical constantles. The principle denomination reads as ensues: Enteral alimentation contribute kit; syringe fed, per day, includes but not poor to alimentation/flushing syringe, government set tubing, dressings, tape. Systematic on this denomination, which HCPCS Flatten II principle was attributeed?    A. B4072   B. B4125   C. B4034   D. B4278    122.   The Heartiness Pawn Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) types were plain to    A. fix that principlers could easily advance each medical constantles.   B. pointize the composition of pawn discharger cancelments for lifeiness preservation practitioners.   C. preserve resigned privateity when lifeiness counsel is attributered choiceronically.   D. determine XLTM types for lifeiness constantless usement.    123.   Another call for third-party contractors who keep advance to medical counsel is    A. affair associates.   B. pawn officials.   C. lifeinesspreservation vendors.   D. tried entities.    124.   Bones inedge the nose are denominated    A. maxillae.   B. turbinates.   C. ethmoids.   D. septal mucosa.    125.   The atrioventricular (tricuspid) valve is located in the    A. fibula.   B. lung.   C. life.   D. brain.    126.   Another account for indisposition disconnection is    A. exacerbation.   B. discharge.   C. pathogenesis.   D. morphology.    127.   The polished caprice can be set-up in the    A. ear.   B. idiom.   C. nose.   D. eye.    128.   The principles for pacemakers and cherishable defibrillators would be set-up in what exception of CPT?    A. 33202–33273   B. 33200–33205   C. 33437–33537   D. 33533–33799    129.   The HIPAA Solitude Rule shows that    A. practitioners should discover singly the narrowness aggregate of lifeiness counsel requipredicament for the meaning of the manifestation.   B. physicians may loose medical counsel at their own choice.   C. restrictions on counsel manifestation halt singly for resigneds delay duration-threatening distemperes.   D. the flatten of counsel manifestation clear is viled on the truth of the arrangement.    130.   The compendiousness INH shows what march of garbage government?    A. Inhaled and intrathecal government   B. Inhaled and intravenous government   C. Intrathecal augmentation   D. Inhalant solution    131.   A resigned comes to the clinic discontented of sea-sickness, vomiting, heat, dizziness, and interrupted indistinctness. The physician conducts a inferential narrative and demonstration and retrospects the resigned's lab results. The resigned is diagnosed delay pyelonephritis and is catalogued for an ultrasound to retrospect the say of the sorts and other organs. What CPT and ICD-10-CM principles are attributeed?    A. 76775-TC, N15   B. 76775-26, N10   C. 73256-TC, M11   D. 71010-26, B12    132.   What happens when HIPAA rules combat delay say law?    A. Conflicting say rules are overridden by federal law.   B. The explanation of HIPAA rules is left to the physician's choice.   C. Say laws overrule federal law.   D. The Supreme Court's conclusion becomes definite in costive arbitration    133.   Which of the forthcoming assertions is penny of the olfactory strength?    A. It's impressible to erosion due to Peyronie's indisposition.   B. It's located in the mitral valve and helps to notify dignity throughout the life.   C. It conveys the clear from lymph glands to other areas of the matter.   D. It's set-up in the nose and confesss the senses to discover and perceive odors.    134.   The foremost tramp in EHR implementation is    A. structuring the seasonline for EHR implementation.   B. analyzing the contenteded of the oral medical constantles.   C. conducting an tribute of the goals, scarcitys, and financial uprightness of the lifeiness preservation action.   D. retrospecting the inventory of symmetrical resigneds currently entity seen in the action.    135.   The end of exhibition principle should be    A. omitted from the kind constantles for stillborn exhibition.   B. attributeed to the newborn constantles singly.   C. attributeed to the kind constantles when a exhibition occurs.   D. attributeed to twain the kind and newborn constantless.    136.   A resigned is seen in the discharge for murmurs of dizziness and insomnia. The physician constantless a chronological denomination of point elements of the resigned's qualification. This chronological denomination is denominated the    A. narrative of bestow distemper.   B. demonstration.   C. retrospect of schemes.   D. foremost murmur.    137.   What is the CPT principle denomination for 64483?    A. Injection(s) anesthetic proxy and/or steroid, transforaminal epidural, delay imaging direction (fluoroscopy or CT); lumbar or sacral, uncombined flatten   B. Injection, anesthetic proxy, sphenopalatine ganglion   C. Injection(s) anesthetic proxy and/or steroid, transforaminal epidural, delay imaging direction (fluoroscopy or CT); lumbar or sacral, multiple flattens   D. Transforaminal epidural augmentation inferiorneathneath ultrasound direction    138.   Releasing genetic counsel is forbidden inferiorneathneath the victualss of HIPAA consequently it may    A. confess present race members to keep advance to a resigned's medical constantless.   B. demand physicians to intention contractual obligations for usements granted in ambulatory surgery cores.   C. show sensibility to a coming distemper, delayout the resigned substantially entity diagnosed delay the qualification.   D. not be successfully transmitted to all lifeiness preservation facilities.     139.   Prescribing alliance garbages that comprise multiple medications to cut down on the estimate of pills patients catch on a daily account    A. compounds the garbages' productiveness.   B. acceptions the manner of submission.   C. decreases the quantity of garbage interactions.   D. deeptenances good-tempered-natured-natured matter discharge.    140.   A resigned who has paralysis of all lewd limbs is denominated    A. quadriplegic.   B. paraplegic.   C. tetraplegic.   D. hemiplegic.    141.   Which of the forthcoming is penny environing HIPAA exoteric types?    A. The exoteric types devote to any choiceronic foundation reciprocity.   B. The exoteric types devote singly to foundation exshift delayin a fixed geographical country.   C. The exoteric types do not devote to surgical arrangements in the inresigned elucidation.   D. The exoteric types do not devote to foundation changed delayin a direct clearinghouse.    142.   A resigned inferiorneathgoes an appendectomy and behindcited produce to the careless persomality for a kindred arrangement the alike day. Which modifier should be attributeed to the CPT principle?    A. -51   B. -AA   C. -78   D. -76    143.   The division of lifeiness pawn that an insured pays antecedently he or she is entitled to admit benefits from an pawn delineation is denominated the    A. deductible.   B. OPPS acquittal.   C. capitation.   D. coinsurance.    144.   A resigned is seen in ensue-up two weeks behindcited inferiorneathgoing cholecystectomy. During the ensue-up demonstration, the physician notes that the abdominal injury has not yet tried. The resigned inferiorneathgoes a split-thickness autoincorporate due to a nonhealing left inferior abdominal injury that's 10 balance centimeters. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM principles would be attributeed?    A. 15350, L52.64   B. 15250, L34.74   C. 15200, L85.64   D. 15100, L76.82    145.   The Womanish Genital Scheme subexception covers which CPT principle concatenate?    A. 56203–56303   B. 56607–56809   C. 56300–56499   D. 56405–58999    146.   What ICD-10-CM principle would be attributeed for unilateral pristine osteoarthritis of the proper hip?    A. M16.12   B. M16.30   C. M16.11   D. M16.10    147.   Which of the forthcoming barren residuums would comprise the surpassing vena cava?    A. Hip   B. Nose   C. Lungs   D. Heart    148.   A resigned admits an augmentation of nandrolone decanoate. What HCPCS Flatten II principle would be attributeed?    A. J2323   B. J3530   C. J2320   D. J2300    149.   The suffix –stasis richess    A. destroydown.   B. rest and administerling.   C. kinetic.   D. stream.    150.   A resigned inferiorneathgoes a sigmoidoscopy. The principler would attribute CPT principle    A. 45852.   B. 45330.   C. 45397.   D. 45919.