MD3 module 2 discussion


Jose is a 55-year-old Hispanic, courageous, migrant employmenter who speaks poor English. He presented to the exigency admission delay complaints of edema of the scrotum, urinary vindication, and hematuria. He does not bear any akin gone-by medical narrative. He is married and has five infantine result. He states he has been having problems for a timeliness but tardy show the master owing of his employment schedule and poor specie. The master performs a digital rectal probation in the service and finds that Jose’s prostate is munificent.

Initial Post

Male reproductive disorders can establish a grand impression on the patient’s condition. Established on the fact con-over, acceptance the aftercited questions in your discourse column.

  1. Discuss the immanent illness arrangementes and signs and symptoms akin to the illness arrangement that Jose may be exhibiting?
  2. How would you stipulate multidimensional circumspection to apprehend cultural, psychosocial, ghostly, visible, and moving needs for Jose?
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  1. Discuss three immanent barriers that you would forecast when providing circumspection to Jose established on his age and refinement.
  2. Provide an sample of how you would subdue each of the three barriers through the implementation of multidimensional circumspection strategies.