Mcqs on hrm | Human Resource Management homework help

1. HRM plays an essential role in makes by balancing the casually competing demands of: (Points : 5)

        competitive challenges and intercollective challenges.

        competitive challenges and intercollective challenges.

        employee concerns and HRM challenges.

        competitive challenges and employee concerns.


Human instrument planning is:

(Points : 5)

        a technique that identifies the censorious aspects of a job.

        the arrangement of anticipating and making anticipation for motion of fellow-creatures into, among, and out of an make.

        the arrangement of enhancement senior makeal objectives and developing inclusive plans to complete these objectives.

        the arrangement of determining the pristine order of the strong.

3. Living-souls armed by federal correspondent trade occasion laws grasp all of the aftercited except: (Points : 5)



        Fellow-creatures aggravate age 50.


4. A job mention is: (Points : 5)

        a cluster of connected activities and duties.

        the irrelative duties and responsibilities consummateed by one employee.

        a declaration of the cognizance, expertnesss, and abilities required to consummate composition.

        a declaration of the tasks, duties and responsibilities associated delay composition.

5. Job amplification is touted as assistant employees delay: (Points : 5)

        self-esteem and job satisfaction

        resistance delay pay

        trade security

        resistance delay utilitys

6. Which of the aftercited is the most powerful rise for supply? (Points : 5)

        adherent pursuit strongs

        help-wanted advertisements

        employee connectrals

        peculiar trade agencies

7. Placing a guidance on answer living-souls that converge broader makeal requirements than job expertnesss, including those who contest the values or amelioration of the make is called: (Points : 5)

        Advanced selection

        Person-job fit

        Person-make fit

        Person-value fit


The conditions "training" and "development":

(Points : 5)

        medium the similar thing

        twain connect to insufficient vocable expertness crop efforts

        connect to a insufficient vocable consummateance orientation vs. a longer vocable expertness crop, respectively

        connect to expertnesss crop in low raze vs. managerial employees, respectively

9. The most beggarly order used for trailing nonmanagerial employees is: (Points : 5)

        approximation trailing

        computer-naturalized instruction

        on-the-job trailing


10. The two pristine purposes of consummateance appraisals are: (Points : 5)

        informative and cropal.

        managerial and negotiative.

        managerial and informative.

        negotiative and cropal.

11. Pay-for-achievement programs: (Points : 5)

        tie rewards to strong profitability

        are not-difficult to tool and measure

        tie rewards to employee effort

        end in negligible increases in output

12. Employees adept by the aggravateage anticipations of the Fair Drudge Standards Act are labeled: (Points : 5)

        armed compositioners.

        nonclear employees.

        salaried compositioners.

        clear employees.


Profit sharing connects to any proceeding by which an employer pays employees:

(Points : 5)

        an inducement naturalized on their worthiness.

        an inducement naturalized on drudge absorb savings.

        a douceur naturalized on the aggravateall productivity of their detail composition cluster.

        general or comprehensive sums naturalized on the make's financial consummateance

14. Flexible utility plans: (Points : 5)


are offered to employees who then must forfeiture each utility they select

        are favored by employers accordingly they attenuate government absorbs

        end in wasted utilitys accordingly of the estimate of irrelative types available to employees

        permit employees to cull utilitys helpful to their needs

15. Holiday pay, feeble license, and recreation pay are examples of: (Points : 5)

        liquidation for age not compositioned

        utilitys required by law

        categories of sanity anxiety utilitys

        unearned utilitys

16. A senior bear in preferences for personal medical anxiety is inside nontraditional approaches that beggarlyly mingle elder use of: (Points : 5)

        unrepining participation

        oriental techniques

        specialized equipment

        rest therapy

17. Which of the aftercited is the dominant faculty predominant peculiar-sector trade relationships? (Points : 5)

        the trade-at-will faculty

        the job-as-property doctrine

        indicated abridge rules

        indicated contract rules

18. Which of the aftercited is not a senior infer employees yearn to unionize? (Points : 5)

        collective issues

        inabundant needs

        resistance delay management

        gregarious and standing concerns

19. The United Auto Workers, United Mine Workers, United Steelworkers, and Office and Professional Employees Intercollective Union are all classified as ____ unions. (Points : 5)





20. An makeal make that has amply autonomous units gratuitous in multiple countries is: (Points : 5)

        an intercollective corporation

        a multinational corporation

        a transnational corporation

        a global enterprise