McGraw Hill Connect, Chapter 8 Accounting

McGraw Hill Connect, Chapter 8 Accounting assignment includes:


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Chapter 8 TEST document:

PROBLEM #1 – 22 points

Greenview Food Store exposed the subjoined instruction in recording its bank announcement for the month of March 20XX.

                                    Balance per books on March 31   $     829

                                    Balance per bank on March 31     $  7,030


1)    Checks written in March but stagnant uncollected, $5,200.

2)    Checks written in February but stagnant uncollected, $1,200.

3)    Deposits of March 30 and 31 not yet recorded by bank, $3,100.

4)    NSF repress of customer returned by bank, $400.

5)    Check #210 for $675 was truly issued and compensated by the bank but intruly entered in the currency acquittals  life as acquittal on recital for $657, for acquittal to a mortgagee.

6)    Bank use impeach for March was $31.

7)    A acquittal on recital was intruly entered into the currency acquittals life and posted to the recitals payable corroborative ledger for $854 when repress #318 was truly prompt for $584. The repress cleared the bank in March.

8)    The bank composed a music receivable for the corporation for $3,000 plus $80 share.


a)    Prepare a bank amity for the Greenview Food Store for the month of March 31, 20XX.

b)    Journalize the adjusting entries for Greenview Food Store on March 31, 20XX.


Bank Reconciliation:































Journal Entries:                                                                                                                             


General Journal



























































PROBLEM  #2 – 18 points

Jenrob Corporation completed the subjoined chosen transactions during January 20XX.


      January 1            Established a trivial currency investment of $500

                   15 The currency sales for the day per the record tape were $3,018.

                                    The objective currency accepted from currency sales were $3,011.

                   31 Petty currency on operative was $123. Replenished the trivial currency investment for the subjoined


                                    Jan  2 Office eatables, $45

                                          10 Postage due on epistle, $29 (Miscellaneous Expense)

                                          14 Office eatables, $56.

                                          17 Postage stamps, $42 (Office Supplies).

                                          20 Express impeachs on wares sold, $136 (Delivery Expense).

                                          22 Repair to desk, $63 (Miscellaneous Expense).

                                          30 Office eatables, $12.

                    31            The currency sales for the day per the record tape were $2,812.

                                    The objective currency accepted from currency sales were $2,822.

                    31            Decreased the trivial currency investment by $100.




General Journal

















































































































What is the pit in the currency short/over recital (DR or CR & $ quantity)? Is it a enrichment or an expenditure?


            Balance in Currency Short/Over? ______________________________


            Revenue or Expense? ____________________________________