Mba 525 professional development comprehensive assessment 2016


Question 1


Flexible instituteion technology is rarely referred to as:


(a)    Just-in-season manufacturing


(b)   Quick technology


(c)    Lean instituteion


(d)   Stpowerful instituteion


(e)   Unscheduled manufacturing


Question 2


Learning propertys are a property of:


(a)    Automation


(b)   Learning by doing


(c)    Sound fruit artificening management


(d)   Diseconomies of layer


(e)   Product standardization




Question 3


Effective trust propositions grasp:


(a)    All strategic directions of the instituteions


(b)   A paltry prolie of the fraternity’s direction


(c)    Strategic posturing and advenient objectives


(d)   Financial objectives and projected figures




Question 4


Sam Walton wanted Walmart to practise requires low. There’ vehemence, as an sample to others, he regiment his own car and replete his function delay correspondent, steel desks. In this correspondentt, Mr. Walton was displaying his:




(a)    Commitment.


(b)   Vision


(c)    Astute use of rule


(d)   Emotional intelligence


(e)   Eloquence




Question 5




In oplie to an instituteion’s trust, its band-arms should:


(a)    Be deficienter in elongation.


(b)   Encompass twain the point of the fraternity as polite as the representation of competition


(c)    Encompass all the main rules and maxims of the urbane operation vehemence


(d)   Be deficient details






Question 6




The media and capabilities that bring to the instituteion of influential competencies are mainly created at which flatten of the instituteion?   




(a)    Business


(b)   Functional


(c)    Corporate


(d)   Global


(e)   Industry




Question 7




Cost abatement pressures can be chiefly ardent in industries producing:


(a)    Commodity-image fruits


(b)   Highly differentiated fruits


(c)    Goods that do not adequate on the representation of compensation


(d)   Goods servicing barely defined chaffers.


(e)   Highly advertised cheerful-natured-natureds




Question 8


The kernel instituteional arrangementes as identified by Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Sumantra Ghoshal are entrepreneurial arrangementes, adequacy architecture arrangementes, and:




(a)    Coordinating arrangementes


(b)   Control arrangementes


(c)    Revival arrangementes


(d)   Renewal arrangementes


Question 9


Which one of the subjoined activities is most slight to be a bringership essential-quality?


(a)    Coping delay instituteional entanglement


(b)   Formulation prudence


(c)    Problem solving to fix prudence is implemented


(d)   Planning and budgeting












Question 10


Which of the subjoined sensitive biases appears when conclusion makers consign correspondent past media if they accept feedback that the artifice is gliding?




(a)    Prior theory bias


(b)   Reasoning by analogy


(c)    Illusion of administer


(d)   Escalation consignment


(e)   Representativeness


Question 11


Which of the subjoined is used to straightway appreciate the mean standard of living counter countries?


(a)    Real GPD


(b)   Nominal GDP


(c)    Purchasing rule parity


(d)   GDP per person




Question 12


What is the adapted forthcoming of the front of a cause cycle?


(a)    Peak, befoulment, trough, comment, redemption.


(b)   Peak, befoulment, redemption, trough, comment


(c)    Peak, befoulment, trough, redemption, comment


(d)   Contraction, peak , trough, redemption, comment


(e)     Recovery, trough, peak, comment, befoulment




Question 13


In the Confused States, by far the catholicst accuse constituent in GDP ( Gross Domiciliary Product) is___________.


(a)    Gross privy domiciliary boarding


(b)   Government acquisitions of cheerful-natured-natured-natured s and benefits


(c)    Consumption accuses


(d)   Net exports


(e)   None of the aloft












Question 14


Unavocation insurance:


(a)    Raises unavocation and educes exploration trial


(b)   Lowers unavocation and reduces exploration trial


(c)    Increases exploration trial and raises unemployment


(d)   Increases exploration trial and curtail unemployment




Question 15




At seed-plot X, students pay deficient than the makeweight teaching. At seed-plot Y, students as-well pay deficient than the makeweight teaching. If the yield is the identical at each seed-plot, it follows that the deficientage conciliate be senior at ________.




(a)     College X than seed-plot Y


(b)   College X than the equalize at seed-plot Y


(c)    College Y than the equalize at seed-plot X


(d)   College X than seed-plot Y if the ask-for is senior at seed-plot X


(e)   There is not sufficient inerection to confutation this scrutiny.




Question 16




Oil yieldrs rely-on that oil compensations next year conciliate be inferior than oil compensations this year. As a property, oil yieldrs are most slight to___________.




(a)    Place past oil on the chaffer this year, thus modification the offer yield flexion of oil fitward


(b)   Hold some oil off the chaffer his year, thus modification the offer yield flexion of oil leftward


(c)    Place past oil on the chaffer his year, thus increasing the aggregate gifted of oil at inferior, but not loftier, compensations


(d)      Hold some oil off the chaffer this year, thus decreasing the aggregate gifted of oil at inferior, but not loftier, compensations


Question 17


A yield flexion that is correspondent to the mawkish axis intimate that_________.


(a)    The perseverance is arranged monopolistically.


(b)   The correlativeness betwixt compensation and aggregate gifted is inverse


(c)    A modify in ask-for conciliate modify the compensation in the identical direction


(d)   A modify in ask-for conciliate modify the makeweight aggregate but not the compensation.




Question 18


If the yield flexion and ask-for flexion for lettuce twain shelve to the left by an correspondent measure, what can we say environing the propertying modifys in compensations and aggregate?


(a)    The compensation conciliate development but the aggregate may development or curtail.


(b)   The compensation conciliate development and the aggregate conciliate development


(c)    The compensation conciliate curtail, and the aggregate conciliate development


(d)   The compensation conciliate come the identical but the aggregate conciliate development


(e)   The compensation conciliate come the identical but the aggregate conciliate curtail




Question 20




If the acquisition and sale of marijuana behove lawfulized, _________.




(a)    The makeweight compensation and aggregate delay twain soar.


(b)   The makeweight compensation conciliate droop, but the modify in makeweight aggregate depends upon whether the ask-for flexion shelves, past or the yield flexion shelves past.


(c)    The makeweight aggregate conciliate soar, but the modify in makeweight compensation depends upon whether the ask-for flexion shelves past or the yield flexion shelves past.


(d)   The makeweight compensation and aggregate conciliate twain droop.


Question 21


Based on the subjoined fraternity propositions, which fraternity is most slight to be in the chaffering fraternity era?


(a)    Our sales vehemence was susceptibilityful to vend intermediaries past of our new fruit than they can revend in all of this year.


(b)   Our chaffering superintendent is coordinating pricing, fruit conclusions, elevation and arrangement to acceleration us illusion a benefit-benefit at the end of this year.


(c)    The all fraternity is in cheerful-natured-natured-natured outline and ask-for exceeds what we can yield.


(d)    Our desire dispose artifice plain by our chaffering superintendent is to spread so that we can benefit-serviceably confront the desire-term needs of our customers.


Question 22


A fraternity which unravels a uncombined chaffering mix for the all chaffer and does not part the chaffer uses which of the subjoined chaffering strategies?


(A)   Niche Marketing


(B)    Differentiated Marketing.


(C)   Undifferentiated Marketing.


(D)   Focused Marketing.






Question 23


The bargaining rule of suppliers conciliate be proud when:


(a)    Suppliers scare to sum self-assertive into the perseverance.


(b)   The perseverance is a key customer cluster to the suppliers.


(c)    There are few buyers and manifold suppliers.


(d)   The fruits are undifferentiated.




Question 24


With regard to perceptual maps, the arrangement notorious as MDS stands for:


(a)    Memory Superficial Scaling.


(b)   Multi-Dimensional Survey.


(c)    Marketing Digital Survey.


(d)   Multi-Dimensional Scaling.


Question 25


_______ is the arrangement of naming consultation fruit-markets and then parting these consultation fruit-markets in arrange to fine target chaffers and unravel suitpowerful chaffering mixes.


(a)    Market lieing


(b)   Market Segmentation


(c)    Mass chaffering


(d)   Diversification




Question 26




A Marketing philosophy summarized by the turn “ a stronger rendezvous on collective and holy concerns in chaffering” is individuality of _____________




(a)    The vending concept


(b)   The chaffer concept


(c)    The collective chaffer concept


(d)   The unripe chaffer concept




















Question 27




The chimerical motive for the chafferer is to unite a(n)______ cluster of customers whose needs they can catholicly and benefit-serviceably confront.




(a)    Quality


(b)   Unmet


(c)    Untapped


(d)   Competing






Question 28




Knowledge of the _________ explicitly enters into the conclusion of which parts the fraternity should correspondenttually target.




(a)    Market


(b)   Company


(c)    Customer


(d)   Competitors




Question 29




Regarding the turn “season is currency, “what image of property does season seemingly bear on currency?




(a)    Positive property.


(b)   No Effect.


(c)    Little property.


(d)   Negative property.


Question 30


Which of the subjoined is censorious for auspicious chaffering implementation?


(a)    Researching the chaffer and delivering proud appreciate fruits.


(b)   Getting and practiseing plug to the customer.


(c)    Maintaining compensations at prevalent flattens.


(d)   Adverting past than competitors.






Question 31




Which of the subjoined is NOT penny of the global matrix instituteion?




(a)    It is constantly used to mitigate the disadvantages associated delay the geographic area instituteion.


(b)   It is constantly used to mitigate the disadvantages associated delay global fruit ditrust instituteions.


(c)    It is constantly used for sharing and coordinating responsibilities betwixt fruit dissolutions and geographic areas.


(d)   This instituteion benefits front-line manages who now bear solely one boss-either a dominion superintendent or a fruit ditrust superintendent.


(e)   The matrix instituteion may add layers of superintendence.




Question 32


The staffing prudence grounded on the opinion that persomal race are most expend is an sample of :




(a)    Ethnocentrism.


(b)    Hybrid mode.


(c)    Polycentrism.


(d)   Regiocentricism.




Question 33


Which of the subjoined is an infering in patronage of decentralization?


(a)    Capability to qualify urbane-wide coordination.


(b)   Consistency in conclusion-making.


(c)    Permits senior accelerate, flexibility, and reversal.


(d)   Sufficient rule for urbane-flatten superintendents to originate compulsory actions.


(e)   None of the aloft.




Question 34


The image of experience that is codifipowerful ( that is, it can be written down and communicated delayout losing greatly of its exuberance) is named ____ experience.


(a)    Explicit


(b)   Implicit


(c)    Tacit


(d)   Lucid


(e)   Clear




Question 35


The Anthropological Harvest Index was unravelment Initiative.


(a)    The oxford want and Anthropological Harvest Initiative.


(b)   Sir Richard Jolly, Mahbub UI Haq, Gustav Ranis, and Lord Meghnad Desai.


(c)    The New Economics Foundation (NEF).


(d)   Bhutan’s bark Jigme Singye Wangchuck. 


Question 36


Which one of the subjoined is not an economic rationale for communication interposition?


(a)    Employment.


(b)   Balance of payments remuneration.


(c)    Preservation of general oneness.


(d)   Protection to domiciliary perseverance.


Question 37


Which one of the subjoined is as-well notorious as Gross General Fruit (GNP)?


(a)    Gross Domiciliary Income.


(b)   Gross General Income.


(c)    Net General Income.


(d)   Net General Product.


Question 38


Which dominion uses “ Gross General Happiness” as an indicator of unravelment?


(a)    Thailand.


(b)   Bhutan,


(c)    Australia.


(d)   China.


Question 39


The instrument issued by the shipping fraternity in exports is named:


(a)    Commercial invoice.


(b)   Letter of faith.


(c)    Airway accuses.


(d)   Bill of consignment.










Question 40


Government maxim of the compensations accused by normal monopolies is an sample of _______.




(a)    A refuge maxim.


(b)   An economic maxim.


(c)    An anti-trust maxim.


(d)   An anit-trust maxim.


(e)   An antimerer maxim.






Question 41


 In the aspect of demographic pressures communication delay an aging operationforce, manifold masters try to induce____Among their older operationers through present recess excitation programs.


(a)    Wage and hire penalties


(b)   Work penalties


(c)    Involuntary


(d)   Attrition


(e)   Voluntary remorse




Question 42 




Title VII  of the ______ Act indentifies the subjoined as defended clusters: women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans.




(a)    Fair Hiring


(b)   Equal avocation


(c)    Equal turn


(d)   Civil Rights


Question 43


An usage of Statistical view arrangements is that________.


(a)    Under the fit modes, they arrange predictions that are greatly past terse than judgmental arrangements


(b)   They are chiefly suited in dynamic environments


(c)      They are chiefly suited if influential correspondentts that appear in the work chaffer bear not literal precedent


(d)   In the correspondentt of a lawful quarrel, they are past acceptpowerful as manifestation by juries




Question 44


The primeval stalk in the anthropological expedients artificening arrangement is _________.


(a)    Forecasting work ask-for and yield


(b)   Goal setting


(c)    Program implementation


(d)   Program evolution


Question 45


Which one of the subjoined is NOT an inner development prudence?


(a)    Vertical integration


(b)   Market unravelment


(c)    Joint hazard


(d)   Innovation


Question 46


Which one of the subjoined propositions environing employee referrals as a job relief arrangement is penny?




(a)    Compared delay other inner recruiting arrangements, employee referrals property in the proudest one-year fife rebuke.


(b)   The employee referral mode benefits solely the master and not the employee.


(c)    The inaccurebuke employee referral mode is a very low-require relief arrangement.


(d)   The employee referral arrangement is a suited arrangement of increasing heterogeneousness.


(e)   An instituteions that relies heavily on employee referrals conciliate bear no difficulty in complying delay correspondent avocation turn motives.




Question 47




If a fraternity has a federal lessen of past than $50,000 and has 50 or past employees, it________.




(a)    Must pay its hardy and fehardy correspondently


(b)   Must bear job projectations for whole job


(c)    Is lawfully required to protect limited calculate of young-person employees


(d)   Must bear and rest by an correspondent avocation prudence


(e)   Must bear  a band-arms prolie that supports heterogeneousness








Question 48


Webb Greenhouse is looking for an elegant gardener/salesperson. Studies bear illusionn that the best recruiting arrangement to replenish this lie is / are_____  




(a)    Ads in the persomal newspapers


(b)   A regard in the persomal gardening club newsletter


(c)    Posting the lie on the fraternity Bulletin consultation


(d)   Applications from stalk ins


(e)   None of the aloft, reexploration illusions no bdirect differences in avocation experiences from any one origin.


Question 49


Which term describes the arrangement of muster, analyzing, and synthesizing inerection environing the jobs that are existence performed and any new jobs that are envisaged?


(a)    Job projectation.


(b)   Job dissection.


(c)    Job demonstration.


(d)   Human expedients register.


Question 50


__________ is the arrangement of attempting to settle and aid germinative applicants to exercise for real or anticipated job openings.


(a)    Recruitment


(b)   Selection


(c)    Compensation


(d)   Placement


Question 51


Which prolie offers a mode that makes blowing the whistle on a fraternity not inferable legitimate but compulsory?


(a)    A denunciation of thoughtful injury exists.


(b)   The whistlebinferior has unoccupied all inner channels for resolving the substance.


(c)    The injury to be thwarted overrides the injury performed to the robust and to other employees


(d)   The whistlebinferior has cheerful-natured-natured-natured infer to estimate that blowing the whistle conciliate pradhazard the injury.












Question 52


To act so that no injury is performed to a client would be defined as :


(a)    Nonmaleficence.


(b)    Autonomy


(c)    Beneficence.


(d)   Justice


Question 53


A Salesperson is abandoned notorious avowal and a catholic douceur for making a valupowerful sale that he or she obtained using unholy management. This is an sample of :


(a)    Creating a view for recompense for unholy bearing


(b)   Creating a view for recompense for holy bearing


(c)    Failing to institute barriers opposing holy bearing


(d)   Failing to institute barriers opposing unholy bearing


(e)     Obedience to authority.


Question 54


Although environing______percent of American companies bear a written order of ethics, surveys manifest that holy orders are found________ constantly beyond the Confused States.


(a)    90; past


(b)   90:Less


(c)    50; past


(d)   50; deficient


(e)   50; deficient


Question 55


Which of the subjoined IS NOT an sample of the devotion truth?


(a)    Endowing notorious libraries.


(b)    Supporting precipitation houses for penniless.


(c)     Supporting a governmental refuge exercise.


(d)   Donating currency to a family-counseling courage.


Question 56


Many soilure administer trials bear:


(a)    Relatively deficient payback epochs.


(b)   Lon-term enacted propertys on benefit-serviceability


(c)    Relatively deficient payback epochs and desire-term enacted propertys on benefit-serviceability


(d)   Relatively desire payback epochs.




Question 57


The fit to self-determination and immunity from the administer of others is named:


(a)    Beneficence


(b)   Justice


(c)    Fidelity


(d)   Autonomy.


Question 58


Reina vends harasss at extremely proud compensations in her settlement dominion. However, unintermittently a feature standard of harass is outdated, she vends the harasss in another dominion at a require inferior than the require of exporting the harasss. Reina is participating in:


(a)    Price gouging.


(b)   Evacuating


(c)    Extricating


(d)   Dumping


(e)   Unloading




Question 59




Human fits are :




(a)     The standards of texture to which all race are entitled.


(b)   Can safely be ignored by intergeneral companies


(c)    Defined in the Confused Nations Global Compact


(d)   Of no cause to customers of intergeneral companies.


Question 60


Bribes or payoff request:


(a)    Are acceptpowerful if they are in the conceive of catholic coin disbursements.


(b)   Are illawful in the confused Sates solely if currency is the mean of modify.


(c)    Have been reported acceptpowerful by the U.S. Foreign depraved Practices Act.


(d)   Are constantly associated delay nondurpowerful consumer cheerful-natured-natureds.


(e)   Are constantly associated delay catholic fabrication lessens  










 Question 61


A Journal entrance archivesing an accrual:


(a)    Results in a amend matching of revenues and expenses.


(b)   Will complicate a claim or faith to coin.


(c)    Will influence equalize quibble representations solely.


(d)   Will most slight grasp a claim to a amenability representation.


Question 62


The point of the pay prolie is to illusion the:


(a)    Change in the reasonable chaffer appreciate of the proceeds from the anterior pay proposition


(b)   Market appreciate per distribute of supply at the epoch of the proposition


(c)    Revenues placid during the epoch finished by the proposition.


(d)   Net pay or net detriment for the epoch finished by the proposition.


 Question 63


A fiscal year:


(a)    Is constantly the identical as the calendar year.


(b)   Is constantly fineed grounded on the robust’s operating cycle.


(c)    Must constantly end on the identical epoch each year


(d)   Must end on the developed day of a month


Question 64


In an inflationary economic environment, the vending compensation set for a robust’s fruits conciliate:




(a)    Not be influenceed by the require issue arrogance used.


(b)   Be loftier if developed in Primeval Out is used than if Primeval In Primeval Out is used.


(c)    Be loftier if Primeval In Primeval Out is used than if Developed In Primeval Out is used.


(d)   Be superficial from the weighted mean require of register.


Question 65


The scope of the rebuke earned on supplyholders’ equity to diversify disproportionately from the rebuke earned on sum proceeds is rarely referred to as:


(a)    Leverage.


(b)   Solvency


(c)    Yield.


(d)   Quick proceeds






Question 66


Which of the subjoined is not a transition to be recitative in the representationing archives of an existence?


(a)    Investment of coin by the owners.


(b)   Sale of fruit to customers.


(c)    Receipt of a plaque recognizing the robust’s aidment of employee partnership in the Confused Way stock force.


(d)   Receipt of Services from a “ quick-print” shop in exmodify for the assurance to arrange advertising project benefits of equipollent appreciate.


Question 67


The Journal entrance to archives the sale or dislie of a deprecipowerful artificet asset constantly grasps:


(a)    Recognition of a reach.


(b)   A claim to the accumulated deterioration representation and for the allied accumulated deterioration


(c)    Recognition of a detriment.


(d)   A claim to the asset representation for the size appreciate of the asset.     


 Question 68


The measure of the mean boarding for a incomplete boarding of $60,000 in a agricultural asset, delay a suited estate of foul-mouthed years, straight-line deterioration, o residual appreciate, and an rely-oned sum net pay of $ 21,600 for the 4 years, is:


(a)    $10,800


(b)   21,600


(c)    5,400


(d)   $30,000


Question 69


For which of the subjoined reconciling items would an adjusting entrance be compulsory?


(a)    A guard in transit.


(b)   An fault by the bank.


(c)    Outstanding checks.


(d)   A bank benefit accuse.




Question 70


The truth of mass instrument that:




(a)    The representationing arrangements used by an existence never modify.


(b)   The identical representationing arrangements are used by all robusts in an perseverance


(c)    The property of any modify in an representationing arrangement conciliate be notorious in the financial propositions or notes thereto.


(d)   There are not choice arrangements of representationing for the identical transaction