Week 4 Assignment The application duty consists of five less rejoinder questions. All labor must be graceful, inferential and perspicuously labeled. Final rejoinders should be verified by either circling or underlining. Submit your labor to the misspend emanate box as a Microsoft Word or PDF muniment. 1.    Using the subjoined pie chart determine: a.    The percent of households not associated after a while renting. b.    Assume that the pie chart is associated after a while 1,000 households. How frequent households would own a residence? s                            2.    The subjoined are your weekly prices for maintenance items for the late 5 weeks:                                      $119.62, $122.20, $193.40, $102.05 and $299.20.       Determine the average weekly price. 3.    The board underneath shows the compute of candles Stevie sold at her accumulation for the late year: January           20        July                  30 February         45        August             137 March              35        September        49 April                63        October             60 May                42         November       109 June               98         December         85 a.    Determine the average compute of candles sold each month b.    Determine the median compute of candles sold. 4.    For a new-fangled Math exam, the subjoined scores were recorded:                60, 82, 80, 70, 87, 60, 75, 95, 80, 80, 71.    Determine:       a.  What the median score is?       b.  What the rule of this set of facts is? 5.    Daily sales for The Smoothie Accumulation are: Monday $870, Tuesday $859, Wednesday $700, Thursday $2,050, Saturday $724. Determine the order of this set of facts? View your assignment rubric.