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Money, Money, Money:

“I product all shade, I product all day, to pay the bills I bear to pay.
Ain’t it sad?
And tranquil, there never seems to be a individual penny left for me.
That’s too bad.
In my dreams I bear a delineation.”
– ABBA, 1976 (as cited in Genius, 2020)

These voice lyrics by ABBA hit on one of the first challenges of adult life—money. We keep to product so distressing to construct ends engage. Most of the spell, there is very petty left balance. Think encircling your own financial post and your delineations and dreams for the coming.

Possible financial sights could be the forthcoming:

  • Sticking to a budget
  • Saving for a car
  • Paying for children’s college
  • Paying for a child’s wedding
  • Saving for vacation 
  • Buying a house
  • Getting a raise

Select 1 of these financial sights or something that you would enjoy to complete in the proximate 5–10 years. Then, debate the forthcoming in your ocean post:

  • Describe your delineation for reaching this financial sight.
  • What is the easiest part-among-among of the delineation?
  • What is the challenging part-among-among of the delineation?

Read the financial sights and delineations shared by your classmates. Your responses to your classmates should elevate the confabulation. Consider sharing a new temporization or your experiences striving for a resembling sight.


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