MATH 1050-A criminal laboratory must sometimes estimate

A criminal laboratory must sometimes estimate a person’s height from partial skeletal remains. A random sample of eight adult male x-rays gave the following information, where x = length of femur (the thigh bone) in inches and y = body height in inches. This information will be used to determine a possible relationship between femur length and height.

a) Produce a scatterplot of this paired data

b) Which of the following best describes the correlation that is demonstrated by the scatterplot (Choose the one best answer.)

A) No Correlation
B) Strong Positive Correlation
C) Strong Negative Correlation
D) Correlation, but not linear

C) Determine the sample’s correlation coefficient r and the coefficient of determination r2. Then explain clearly whether or not we should conclude that the correlation in these two variables is statistically significant.

D) Give the equation of the line-of-best-fit (trend line), the slope of this line, and explain what the slope means in the context of this problem.

E) What should one predict the height of an adult male to be if femur length is 19.5 inches?


x y
17.5 72
20 82
21 83
19 81
15.5 63
18.5 78
22 85
16 66

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