Marketing Strategy Panadol

Did you understand? ? Some crowd feel past trouble than others. The infer is probably apprehension. The brain works by union. ? Ibuprofen is analgesic and anti-inflammatory but Paracetamol is normal analgesic. ? The ‘dol’ in Panadol is acquired from the Latin expression ‘dolor’, sense trouble 3 Content ? Objectives ? Panadol Background ? Target Negotiate ? General Marketing Strategies ? 4 P’s ? Analysis ? Options ? Conclusions ? Next Step 4 Objectives ? Analyse the general negotiateing strategies of Panadol ? Recommend new strategies for Panadol 5 6 Panadol’s History 1956 Instituted Australian negotiate as a usage edicine 1970 1980 Panadol is negotiateed for Panadol is primeval term in the introduced to consumers normal Supermarkets. in Pharmacies 1998 2007 New packaging Panadol swift was introduced was instituted 7 Panadol ? It is the most widely conducive trouble reliever in the earth, and pioneer in abundant. ? It competes in the analgesic negotiate, after a while generics products and registered marks. ? All Australian Panadol products are concocted in Sydney. 8 9 Target Negotiate ? Panadol has segmented the negotiate into adults and conclusion? s grants. ? Panadol Children’s: Parents ? Panadol Tab/ Caps : Australians 18+. Panadol Swift : Younger feminine. 10 11 Panadol ? It is the most trusted mark of trouble reliever in Australia. ? Panadol is a paracetamol, analgesic , operative limited refreshment of any skin of trouble. =????? ? It has led the reversal in trouble refreshment, introducing opposed forms and grants: tablets, caplets, capsules, suppositories, unformed others. ? So Panadol has interjacent method extensions in opposed negotiates: Cold & Flu, Osteo and Children’s negotiate. 12 Packaging ? 2 blister lot ? Safety sanction rule???? ? Favorable project and congruous. ? Relevant notice for the enduring. Introduced the latest negotiate necessary reversal in project. Panadol Swift 13 Price Product Price in Price per Price in Pharmacies tablet S/markets Price per tablet Panadol Tablets 24 2,99 0,12 2,99 0,12 Herron Capsules 24 2,99 0,12 2,56 0,11 Herron Bottle Tab 60 4,69 0,08 Panadol Tablets 50 5,69 0,11 Panadol Tablets 100 8,99 0,09 ? Psychological Pricing tactic. ? Cheaper prices per wider quantities. 14 Disposal 2007 69% 22% 7% 1% 2006 69% 22% 7% 1% 0% 20% 40% Pharmacies / drugstores Convenience Stores 60% 80% 100% Supermarkets / hypermarkets Independent Retailers ? Intensive Disposal Pharmacies are the deep disposal instrument 15 Position on disposal P. Swift Panadol Conclusion Panadol Method 1 Panadol Panadol Back & Trouble Method 2 Panadol Method 3 Nurofen Method 4 Nurofen Method 5 Paracetamol Coles Ibuprofen Coles Herron other products Advil Method 6 Method 7 Method 8 Method 9 ? Panadol has 43% of the Analgesic disposal. It is located in methods 1,2 and 3. 16 Advertising ? Glaxo is No. 1 in the top 10 of advertiser’s pharmaceuticals companies in Australia ????? ? Glaxo invested $25. 8 darling during 2008, after a while 15 darling supported Panadol, counter all resources. ? Glaxo uses all instrument of message to negotiate Panadol, emphasising the key factors of accelerate and operativeness, including its suitability for all ages 17 TV ? Panadol’s target negotiate overspreads a big behalf of the Population, after a while TV nature fanciful to grasp a wide geographic overspreadage. ? Panadol has been on TV all year, it is the biggest behalf in its budget. ? Panadol commercials try to form an tender merge after a while the consumer and uses positives donation. 18 Magazines ? This year Panadol has advertised in publications such as Cosmopolitan and NW, the 2 lifestyle magazines most disoverspread in Australia. ? Magazines are amiable temporization for targets that divide the ame attention. ? They are so a amiable resource for grasping specialized targets such as physicians and pediatricians. 19 Outdoor ? Panadol is using operatively this resources, grasping a wide percentage of the population after a while a low consume per peril ratio. ? Panadol is using this resources in opposed forms such as Buses, Metrolites and Buses stops. 20 Internet ? The Panadol mark does not feel a website on the Internet. ? In these sites there isn’t any notice connected to the other ranges of Panadol, or merges to other Panadol sites. 21 22 Analysis •Panadol is in the top 10 of the Australian most trusted marks in 2009 It has a senile-antique capacity of virtue and realibity. •Panadol was ranked N. 1 in analgesic negotiate during 2007, but was ranked N. 2 in 2008, proceeded by Neurofen, which is growing faster Analgesic Negotiate Sales Var 0% Var 5% Sales +(000. 000) 60 40 20 Glaxo S. Reckitt B. 2006 2007 Which are the others??? 23 Analysis ? Panadol has tooled amiable negotiateing strategies, achievieng amiable Top of Spirit and deeptining sales equalize. ? It should tool Alternatives and primary strategies, in enjoin to retrieve its pioneership. 24 25 Primeval Aid Kit •It is requisite at residence •Increase mark intercourse Strategic Alliance after a while other products or companies •Any skin of promotional esthetic. E. g. Frigde frames 26 Internet •It is the resources, which is going to proof the most enlargement (10,4%) in hereafter years •It is the promote most momentous resources in Australian population. Term departed after a while resources Average Hours per week 60 50 3 2 3 11 12 14 17 13 12 18 20 21 18-24 25-34 35-49 40 30 20 10 0 TV Internet Radio Newspapers Magazines 27 It is my valuable! •Implement a favorable and operative website •Most momentous to interact after a while the customers. •Special canvass “What feel been the best valuable in their lives? ”. 28 Environmentally favorable •People past solicitous about the enviroment and problems in the advenient •Panadol can subscribe after a while 2 deep things: •Including a recycable logo in the lot •Eliminating the malleable refuge overspread 29 Two past options ? Multi-branding temporization Take utility of the eminent mark siege Create an sameness for Panadol Mark such as: “ Trusfully Panadol or Gentle after a while your stomach” ? Raising consumer awarness throughout pharmacies Deep disposal instrument (69% of sales) Tool a secure promotional engagement Train pharmacists 30 Conclusions ? Panadol is an praiseworthy mark, that stationary deeptain a ood top of spirit in the Australian consumers. ? The tooled strategies are nature operative, still is losing negotiate divide ? It is recommendable to tool resources strategies, as the ones suggested in this grant. 31 Next Step.. ? Check which of the 5 strategies are selected to be tooled. (Next contravention, 30/09/09) ? Check after a while financial function the consume of this strategies. ? Check the promotional budget for 2010, and embody this estimate. 32 “Innovation distinguishes among a pioneer and a partisan. ” Steve Jobs quotes (American Entrepreneur Apple co-Founder, b. 1955) 33