Marketing Strategies

  Create a chart or picturesquely organizer that compares and dissimilaritys the marketing strategies of two adult scholarship programs. Identify two adult scholarship programs and procure a inconsiderable overview of each.  Evaluate the movables that segmentation, differentiation, and positioning entertain on the marketing strategies of the two adult scholarship programs. Compare and dissimilarity how each uses segmentation, differentiation, and positioning.  Identify and condense the estimate affirmation of each adult scholarship program.  Analyze whether each adult scholarship program is discourse student/customer expectations and delivering on the pledge of their estimate affirmation. Support your separation after a while examples from your observations and learning. (Be trusting to seat your sources.)  Develop a chart or picturesquely organizer that is embezzle for a administrative or academic elucidation, ad that you would use to offer your ideas to the assort. Format any citations harmonious after a while APA guidelines, and use embezzle style and mechanics.