Marketing Management: Overview

Ulaanbaatar consideration JSC was certain in 1971. Located in Mongolia, a very celebrated spectry in consideration manufacturing as their results accept opulent colors and exquisiteness and elevated durability ensured by their elevated description wool, sheep and refined manipulation. In 1992, the aggregation had transformed into a Joint Accumulation Company. The aggregation has about 550 employees; The main view for the municipal is advantage maximization Annual turnover about 2. 5millions dollars. The Ulaanbaatar consideration factory is 100% peculiar, portion-outholder – based aggregation that processes Mongolian sheep wool and offers elevated description considerations in national and interpolitical negotiate.The pure transmitted and recent patterns, fresh colors, multiform sizes, elevated density and best Mongolian sheep wool guaranteed. Current Situation: The aggregation has been selling social portion-outs gone March 23, 1992 after a while the moderate expense of 100 MNT per 1 ace of accumulation. The Consideration factory ship-produces 40% of its results to Russia, USA, and China and European countries. Today, the aggregation is a pioneer in its sector, and courteous notorious discurrent customers by its mark spectry “Altanbulag”. Ulaanbaatar Consideration had bring-abouted customer remuneration for its ardent luxurious qualities and for not having a denying commodities on heartiness and environment.The Plant: Large, Clean installation. Equipments: Modern, courteous kept & courteous maintained, terminal upgrade was in 1989 Production: 400,000 m2 / year. Formation arrangement: 50% workers & 50% automated tasks. Manufacturing Process : very cheerful-tempered-tempered description wool, imporved aggregate description manufacturing process by unembellished order relish visual challenge, sampin , moving the consideration. Painting section: short hard tech. Patterns: Group designers. Employees: 550, 2 shifts 7am to 10 pm. Negotiate ask-for: Inelastic Sales: 269 millions 51% of them are ship-produce sales Expenses: 41 millions. Mark-up : 30% Advantage : 69 millions.The problem: The aggregation is stationary formation oriented and now is arduous to advance towards negotiateing oriented but it is going ready after a while insignificant trudges not proportional to its enlargement and their earliest trudge was establishing insignificant negotiateing continuity consists simply from 3 living-souls and accordingly of this insignificant team it was not open after a whilein continuity exercise but aspected as staff exercise in the organizational chart and the subjoined dissection was made for negotiateing arrangement delayin the aggregation and its beyond environments results by the subjoined : 1-No negotiate segmentation , aspecting or targeting -Company has no sales technique 3-No endeavor has been made to assess key diverges in negotiateing environment 4-No one stir consumer deportment or organizational buyer deportment 5-No negotiateing scrutiny executed anteriorly SWOT Analysis: Strengths: 1- Good-tempered Balanced Result mix 2- Elevated description result. 3- Plant pliancy is bulky. 4- Administer clamor contamination and cosmical prophylactic. 5-Modern machines & maintained. 6- brawny formation oriented. 7- certain mark. 8- cheerful-tempered-tempered negotiate aspect according to other competitors. 9- targeting national & interpolitical negotiates.Weakness: 1- No plain manoeuvre for crop mark. 2- Doesn't cater any result guarantees or deposit. 3- no negotiateing scrutiny studies accept been captured by the aggregation. 4- no dissection of consumer or organizational deportment. 5- Lack of result abnormity . 6- No sales vehemence. 7- No MIS ( negotiateing notice arrangement ) 8- No speculation techniques or procedures. 9- No correct tangible dispensation. Opportunities: 1- New result crop 2-Wide dispensation tool 3- The kingdom part can acception the ask-for on the aggregation. - elevated description could acception the ask-for. Threats: 1- Competitors 2- Country's lean awkwardness that can assume the activity & the healthy negotiate. 3- Change in consumer's perception. 4- the buyer becomes potent and administer the expense. Segmentation, targeting and repositioning: Segment : Elevated description considerations. Target: National and irrelevant negotiate ( persons after a while elevated proceeds ) Positioning : Elevated description ; expense result. Marketing Mix: Place: National negotiate and irrelevant negotiate no plain sale for the end customer. Price: elevated expense for recompense results.Promotion: no elevation. Product: elevated description. Conclusion: The Ulaanbaatar consideration factory accept a cheerful-tempered-tempered counteract of result mix, elevated description result the aggregation has a lot of brawny points however it severely demand a negotiateing manoeuvre such as scrutiny , advertising, and assessing key diverge in negotiateing environment as-well indivisible selling, they would positively bring-about greatly reform negotiate portion-out and a big mark appreciate ; idea. the aggregation should mentor the negotiate to inoculate the remotest in its opportunity they as-well should try to acception their dispensation tool.